What Women Seek In Their Dream Life Partner?

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Every man yearns strongly to know what is it that women want and while the things that attract one woman to a man may be different from another woman, there are certain factors that are more universal and common among the fairer sex. Here is a list of some qualities that a woman seeks in her dream life partner.


Honesty is one of the most treasured characteristics of a guy that attracts women to him. Guys who are honest about everything tend to get a positive reputation due to which they are always respected by women. Being honest also makes it possible for women to develop relationships with a man on a solid ground.


All women want their men to be faithful to them and this certainly goes without any question. Men who are caught for being unfaithful once are hardly ever trusted again by their partners in the future.


Attractiveness is something that you are more or less born with. In some cases, attractiveness is a quality that can be cultivated over time. It is also a quality that is highly subjective. While every person has some attractive quality or the other, how others perceive that person to be attractive may differ greatly from one individual to the next. However, it is necessary that a man takes good care of himself and not simply take things for granted as this is definitely going to make women leave him for good.


Women love it if their men can protect them in times of trouble. While this does not mean that women are weak, it is an inner security thing and feeling protected by their partners give them the peace of mind that they seek.

Sense of humor

While this depends a lot on each and every separate couple since everybody tends to have a unique sense of humor, women always like men who are naturally humorous.

Passion and motivation

Women do not like men who hardly have any motivation in their lives to do things that are of importance to them. They like a man to have his own passions and goals that can drive him forward and motivate him to do well and follow his dreams.

Trust in relationships

A man should have sufficient trust in his partner, be supportive of his girlfriend or wife in whatever they would like to do with their lives.

Love and Respect

A man should always be able to love his partner and respect her the way she is. He should also have a lot of respect for himself and not let others walk over him. If a man is not able to have respect for himself, then he cannot expect a woman to respect him at all.


A man should be reliable if he is to have a long term relationship with his partner. This means that he should be able to live up to his word and make sure to be there when his partner needs him and looks up to him.

Attuned to the partner’s feelings

There are plenty of old fashioned men who find it difficult to stay in touch with their own feelings as well as those of their partners. However, most women would like to have a man in their lives who can be in touch with their feelings as it shows that the guy really loves and cares for them. It also shows that the man has respect for his partner.


It is necessary that a man has a strong sense of commitment as it is a quality that is necessary for a long term relationship.

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