Which Is Better, A Working Girl or A Housewife as Life Partner?

which is better a working girl or a housewife as life partner

Women are the backbone of a society and a household as they are believed to be more patient in dealing with various issues. We have been talking about women power for a decade now, but did you know that women in India were more liberal during the ancient times than we in the new era. There was a time when women had a say in politics and took care of the kitchen at the same time. But this liberal nature started to fall after British Raj.

You might be thinking then how come women empowerment and the women power slogans started coming up again. Well, this is because people of India understood the fact that educating women and giving the power of the society is very important as educated women can educate the whole society. Education for a woman is needed even if she is a housewife as we all know about the saying ‘charity begins at home’. Well, the saying is very true as a child gets his first education from their mother and if their mother is not educated what will she teach them.

So, now coming to the question which is better a working girl or a housewife as a life partner? Many men would consider a housewife as they think women should be at home at taking care of the family while man being the head of the family should earn the living but there are also men who think that in today’s changing world this notion is very wrong as a working girl can not only take of the family but also help the family financially as it is a necessity these days.

Bygone are the days when women were kept in veils and at home just to bear children but these days they are equal to a man and work alongside them. So, during the marriage, it is very important that you know the benefits of both before deciding on one. Let me state the benefits of both and then you can decide which is better.


Has Time In Hand:

If you want a housewife as a life partner, then you must know that a housewife gets more time to spend with her family and kids. Housewives not have to juggle work and home thus; they are not in a hurry with their life. Housewives have not to deal with the angry or depressed boss and they can easily take their own time in completing the household chores.

They Are Relaxed:

A housewife can easily take a day off and relax when she is sick and would not have to worry about answering to anyone. She is also free from the stress of meeting a deadline at the workplace. This has been noted to be one of the most common problems in any marriage that can cause a strain on your relationship.

Can Watch Their Kids Grow:

This is one of the biggest advantages of being a housewife you can watch your kids grow. Being from a working family I know that how parents feel guilty that they could not spend enough time with their kinds when they were growing up. If you are a housewife you can always stay with your kid and with time you also become their best friend with whom they can share everything.

Now moving on to the advantage of choosing a life partner who is a working woman.

Working Woman:

Supports You Financially:

The times are changing, and lifestyle is becoming more and more expensive so guys these days usually want their life partner to be working as well so the financial burden can be divided among them. This also benefits them while applying for loans.

They Are An Inspiration:

Working women usually become a source of inspiration to their kids as well as their family. They can easily solve the difficulties of the outer world and also find a quick solution for the problems that her family faces. She maintains a blend of work and family and sometimes the ideas that she uses at work can be extremely helpful to her children and her family.

They Are Independent:

Working women are independent and can manage home, work, and other outside home chores very efficiently. This helps the man of the house as he does not have to deal with everything from grocery shopping to bill payment by themselves. The task gets divided thus reducing the stress on the man and their marriage.

If you ask me, whether you want to work after marriage or want to be a housewife that is your choice, and no one should be able to question you on that as you have that right. But whatever you choose it has its own benefits. It is perfectly fine if you want to be a working woman as you can help your family financially which is very needed these days. And an independent woman can teach their children to be independent as well which would also shape their future.

Belonging to a working family and seeing my mother managing work and home I always felt that balancing work and family is an art and once you master that nothing is a problem. It is a fact that a working woman can be a housewife at any point in time but a housewife becoming a working woman can be a task.

So, when you are choosing a life partner even with the help of the matrimonial site like Kayastha matrimonial sites make sure you discuss this point rather than just stating what you want because even the girl has a right to decide.

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