Arranged Marriage: What To Ask A Guy In First Meeting

what to ask a guy in first arranged marriage meeting

Whenever we think of arranged marriage we get a little biased as we do not know how the guy might be and meeting them for the first time makes us nervous well that creates most of the problem. Arranged marriage has always been a part of the Indian society and almost 90% of the marriages in India are arranged. I feel that this biasness is because every girl dreams about a guy who will give her feeling of butterflies in her stomach. But that is certainly not possible in an arranged marriage but what if I told you that it is possible only if you give it a chance.

I know that the feeling of love and being together might not be the same as love marriage but there will be a feeling of connection if you find the right guy. You might not believe me, well, let me tell you a small incident. I went with one of my friends to meet the guy her parents had chosen from a Gupta matrimonial sites. As she saw the guy the first thing she said that he looks good. But it was only when they started talking that I could see the sparks flying between them and they were different in all manners but the best part was both were open to new experiences. They wanted to know each other even more so they decided to meet and woo each other and then decide if they want to get married.

These are the few things that only an open discussion with your potential match can solve. Thus you need to meet each other and ask questions to each other openly hiding things from each other can only increase problems after marriage. So be open about everything and do keep an open mind while meeting your potential match for the first time you might just get the feeling of butterflies in your stomach that you always wanted.

Here What To Ask A Guy In First Arranged Marriage Meeting Before You Actually Decide To Get Married:

Hobbies And Interests:

The very first thing you should ask the guy on the first meet is about his hobbies and interests. Well, I feel it is always good to figure out what kind of lifestyle the guy has and what is his expectation from a life partner. However, jumping such questions might just make the conversation a little awkward, so it is better to take it slow. You must frame questions that would allow you to learn about his hobbies, interests, and dislikes. This way you would get a better idea about his lifestyle and also the kind of girl he is looking for.

Know If He Is Comfortable With Career Oriented Wife:

Most of the women nowadays are working woman, and you might not want to leave your job after marriage. But, a conservative husband or family can pose restrictions on your working and that might become a recipe for an impending disaster. While there are many men who are supportive of their wives’ career, but it is still better to be sure that your future life partner is comfortable with your ambitions.

Know What Are His Career Goals And Future Plans:

It is a fact that Marriage increases the financial and social responsibilities for the couple. So, it is very important to know that the guy you are meeting for marriage is well-organized in life and also understand these responsibilities and has the capability to bear them with ease. Thus, it is very necessary to ask him about his career goals and job profile, as his ambitions will directly affect your future as well.

Ask Him If He Is Fine With Your Responsibility To Your Family:

The girl is the only child or not they always want to give emotional support as well as financial help to them. In other words, a girl always wants to be close to her parents even after she is married. Thus, support and understanding are the topmost qualities you should look for in your life partner. You must make sure that the guy respects your parents and also understand and respects your responsibilities towards them after marriage. So, discuss these things beforehand.

Ask About His Families, Religious And Spiritual Belief:

Girls, make sure you get a good idea and a clear understanding of your future partner and his family’s religious and spiritual beliefs. As if you are an atheist, and you get married into a family that is religious then it might demand a lot of adjustments from your side. So, always talk to him about his family’s religious beliefs and their expectations from you.

The guy you are meeting might be a very good looking man and he can be perfect on paper but the most important thing that you must know is what kind of a person he is and whether he is fine with you being a career oriented person or not. In other words, it is important to have a good looking future than a good looking husband so hold on to the leash and know exactly what to ask a guy for arrange marriage meet to get that good looking future.

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