Wedding Day Essentials You Will Actually Use for Years to Come!

wedding day essentials

When you are getting married you wonder what will you do with all that heavy wedding jewelry that you don on your wedding day. They are too traditional to wear on normal days and then they are made of gold, so you would be skeptical about wearing them at parties. So, will they just be like an asset you own at some bank locker? Sad, I think, all those beautiful jewelry that made you look like a princess on your wedding day is just sitting in some bank locker. So, what should you do about it, I guess nothing much, but you can add few things to that wedding shopping list of yours that would turn out to be useful in the future as well.

Why? Well, it is your new life and you would certainly need a new wardrobe to go with it and that does not mean it needs to have everything that is for special occasions, they can also be simple that you can wear every day because that is what you would need after your wedding. I would suggest you should even buy wedding jewelry that you can wear every day because your new family would expect that of you as you are the new bride and as per Indian customs a new bride should not leave the house without jewelry.

Here Are Few Wedding Day Essentials That Would Be Very Useful Even After Your Wedding Day:

Simple Versatile Diamond Bangle:

It is said diamonds are a women’s best friend, well it is not wrong at all they indeed are because you can never go wrong with them and you can pair them up with anything as they are very versatile and goes perfectly with Indian as well as the western outfit. So, when you are doing your wedding jewelry shopping make sure you also buy a pair of a stretchable diamond bracelet as they are designed to easily slid into your wrist when you are getting late to work and cannot go out without a bangle in your wrist as you are married. Now, if you are wondering you can buy this after the wedding as well then, I must tell you that they would also be the perfect touch of sparkle on your wedding day.

Detachable Earrings:

Where would you wear those gold Jhumka after your wedding. I mean you cannot wear them to all parties where you are wearing Indian as they might not go with your outfit and moreover these days oxidized jhumka have gained so much popularity that you would prefer those instead of the gold ones. But again, what about those office parties that you must attend and the dress that you are carrying of the party might require a different kind of earring, does that mean you have to carry an extra one? Not always, because if you buy a pair of detachable earring then you can change whenever you wish to. Want to wear it as a dangler no problem but then when you want it to be short just remove the dangling part and you got what you wanted.

Perfume and Not Deodorant:

Every bride keeps a deodorant in their handbag on her wedding day so that she does not spell-like sweat when she sits down for the marriage. But what if you kept a luxurious perfume instead of deodorant as the smell would last longer and you can also use it even after your wedding. What if it gets over on the wedding day itself? Well, it won’t as you just need little and not after everyone hour as the fragrance lasts longer.

Elegant Pendant:

Those heavy chokers or those long necklaces, can you wear any of them to any casual party or even a gathering of friends even if you are wearing an Indian outfit. I bet you can’t as those are heavy and tough to carry. So, what would you do go there without anything on your neck that might not look classy? Well, for that you can always buy an elegant pendant along with all those traditional wedding jewelry as that is something that you can wear every day at work or even to any casual outing. It is not necessary that the pendant must be of diamond, it can also be a small gold pendant that would add sparkle to your everyday even after your wedding.

Banarasi Dupatta:

You might be wondering what would you do with this after the wedding as during your wedding you used it as a veil but after your wedding, you can use it as a normal dupatta that would look gorgeous with any simple salwar suit. We all have a salwar suit that is very simple, and we always wonder where to wear such a monotone color as it is a good quality one that you do not want to wear to work but what if you pair that Banarasi dupatta with it can make it gorgeous within seconds.


While shopping for your engagement ring make sure that you choose a ring that would look gorgeous even after your wedding because you need to wear it for all days of your life and with any wardrobe that you choose. So, choose a versatile ring and not something traditional that would look out of place with the western outfit. For that, you can always opt for statement ring as they go with any outfit that you choose.

So, what are you still wondering about, add these wedding essentials to your list as they would go perfectly with your day to day life after your wedding?

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