Ways To Celebrate Your First Valentine’s Day After Marriage

ways to celebrate your first valentine’s day after marriage

There is no doubt that your married life is filled with surprises, romantics times as well as filled with a lot of love. You recently got married thus, you are bound to be in love and be inclined to spent all your time together. Yesterday, while casually chatting with my sister I asked her what is my brother in law planning for her on their first valentine’s day after marriage. She just smiled and said that she is not aware of what he is planning but she is definitely planning something for him.

I was awed by all her plans and how beautifully she had planned it all out. Well, had never imagined her to be such a romantic, well, it must be the marriage that has bought about this change in her. Its my guess that every newly married couple wants to do something extraordinary as well as romantic for their better half on Valentines day. There are so many things that you can plan from going on a date to a weekend getaway but what about the gift that you would give her

Why to bother? Well, guys a girl always remembers her first valentine’s day gift so make sure you make it very special because that is how she would remember her first valentine’s day. So here are some unique ideas.

Gift Hampers:

Gift hampers have been couples favorite gift for each other. But you can do soothing unique in it as well. You can pack all your partners favorite stuff or the stuff that reminds you of your dating days or takes you back to the time when you first met. You can even pack your partner’s favorite sweets, a special moment captured during your wedding, personalized beer mugs or even coffee mugs. But remember to decorate it in a way that stands out than any normal hamper after all it is for the love of your life.


Did you marry your college sweetheart or your high school sweetheart. Well, if the answer is yes, then you have plenty of ideas that you can use. From visiting your old meeting joints or revisiting all the places where you used to go for short trips during weekends. But what about the gift, for that you can easily make a scrapbook album which will take her down the memory lane. It can contain all the best times you spent together but make it a point to squeeze in some silly fight moments too that you think would make both of you laugh out loud.

Romantic Getaway:

According to me, nothing can be special like a romantic getaway to a place away from the city limits in the lap of nature where you can be alone in just each other’s company. You can always plan a vacation with your better half for the whole Valentine week and make it special for her. On your getaway you can make your partner feel special for everyday of the week. Treat her like a princess as that is what she always wanted.

Spa Packages:

If you are a couple who works all day long and just gets the nights to meet each other then you would love a day for just yourself where you can spend the day with each other by relaxing and unwinding. If this is the rout that you are willing to take, then why not book a Spa package. There are many such packages that are just for couples who want to relax and unwind. They are intimate as well as very relaxing. And trust me any girl would love a spa day.

Cook Together:

My sister and her husband both loves to cook so, they are planning to cook a meal together so that they can have laughs on silly things that has happened between them since their wedding. Well, if you ask me it will be a contest of who is the better cook and even that is very sweet. Well, even you can do this. As there is something about the kitchen that ignites fire between any couple. But if you are not the cooking person then just help your wife around the kitchen even that will do the magic and you can spend most your time with her while she prepares a meal for the family.

Personalized Jewelry:

“I have enough jewelry – said no women ever”

Don’t believe me then just take her to a jewelry store and ask her to choose anything she likes, then you would as you could clearly see the sparkle in her eyes. So, for this valentine’s day why not take her to her favorite spot and there surprise her with a personalized jewelry. It can be anything that would define your relationship with her. Won’t that be a wonderful way to celebrate.

There are many ways to celebrate your first Valentine’s day after marriage and these are just some of them that you can go for.

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