Ways To Celebrate Your First Holi After Marriage

ways to celebrate first holi after marriage

Holi the festival of colours. I always feel it’s the celebration of life as our life is a pallet of colours. But celebrating Holi for the first time after marriage with your new family is very special. I am sure you would be going through various emotions. You would be sad for not celebrating it with your parents but at the same time you would also be excited to spend it with the family of the man you love. As per me it is also a good time to come out of the cocoon of a shy bride. Holi is also a time when you can enjoy the freedom of relaxed rules as there are many families who have some strict rules for new brides.

But something that always excites me about holi is the mythological stories. Well, there are many cultures where the brides are also told how to do the puja and what are the customs that the family follows but then the elders of the family also tell those beautiful stories to relax them a bit because every first festival after marriage is the time when all the eyes are on the bride and everyone is ready to judge you.

Wondering what those stories are? Well, the most popular one is the prank that Lord Krishna played by applying colour on Radha and the other gopies. This little prank then became popular as the festival of colours Holi. Apart from all the cultural barriers or the rituals that a new bride must follow on her first festival, I also feel that this particular festival becomes an ice breaker for the nervous brides. But again the question arises how should you celebrate this festival, so here are few tips:

Start With The Puja:

I have mostly heard that in many families it is customary for the new bride to do the holi puja in the morning. So, why not start there, get ready ahead of time and help the others in the preparation of the puja it would give you a chance to bond with them at a personal level. You can also share how you would celebrate the festival at your home. Or simply ask your mother in law about all the things that they make for the day and if you can help in the preparation. This would a good way to start your first holi with your new family.

Deck Up And Be Happy:

It is your first Holi after marriage so deck up as there would be many guests at home after all it is your first festival which means it’s a celebration. You would meet many of your extended family members who might not have attended the wedding but have come to wish you for the same on this auspicious day. So, make sure you deck up a little and look happy and cheerful.

Be A Good Hostess:

It is your first festival after your wedding so there would be many guests be it family or friends, who would come to the holi party to meet you thus you should be the perfect hostess and welcome them with warmth and make sure that you take a good care of them. In India it is our habit to show our care with food. So, I would suggest that you must look into it that their plates or glasses are not empty. I know that there are many holi songs doing round these days but make sure you tell your house DJ to play songs that would uplift the guest’s mood but not harm their sentiments in any manner. You should also take care of the fact that if any of your guests are allergic to colours the others respect their feelings.

Make Up To The Friends Who Were Not There At Your Wedding:

There is a possibility that few friends could be a part of your wedding for some of the other reason but that does not mean you cannot make them feel special. Holi is a time when everyone is home to celebrate the festival with friends and families. So, it is the perfect time to invite them over and pamper them but before that ask your new family if they are fine with it.

Do Not Hesitate To Party A Bit:

It is your first Holi and it is alright to party a bit. You might think that what would your in-laws think if your start grooving to the music with your husband. Trust me they want to see how well your are gelling up with your husband and it is also a good time to tell them that you like to party too at times.

These are some of the ways which would help you interact with your new family and also tell them your likes and dislikes. Festivals help you to bond and a festival like Holi will bond you with colours.

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