Vidai Ceremony – An Emotional Ceremony In Indian Wedding

vidai ceremony

When we talk about Indian wedding ceremony they are quite different from another part of the world. Be it any religion Hindu, Muslim or Sikh, Indian wedding and their rituals are famous worldwide. Indian wedding is a fusion of cherished moments for everyone. With the celebration of different ceremonies during wedding season, the final ceremony is the most emotional one i.e. Vidai Ceremony.  On one side everyone is celebrating the wedding on the other side bride leaving her parent’s house. This is the most painful and emotional moment for a bride. It is emotional because in this ritual the bride is leaving her home and family and step towards the 2nd innings of life with her groom, New house with New Faces!

For any father, days of care and love for her little daughter, after which giving her to some other family which is totally unknown to her is the toughest emotion. but, this must occur sooner or later! Tears of the bride represent both sides of her feeling i.e. joy and sorrow.

In any wedding, Vidai Ceremony isn’t restricted to a selected community or religion. This ceremony is often found in each community in India. Vidai is a ceremony local to India and performed in almost every religion. This very special ceremony holds a sentimental area within the hearts of the bride’s circle of relatives. In Hindi, we called it Vidai, in Urdu we called it rukhsati but the meaning of both the word is same i.e. “bride’s goodbye.”

If we look back to our historic period, the brides were normally given off to princes and kings of remote lands, mainly as a gift, property or as a peace treaty between two kingdoms. The Vidai ceremony was a part of royal weddings. But still, the custom is in practice even today in normal weddings.

According to our old rituals in Vidai Ceremony, the bride wears the attire given by her in-laws and follow rituals like throw rice over her head, it shows that the bride is leaving her wealth and wishing their parents all the best for their future life.

After this, the bride’s mother and father take their daughter’s hand and gives it to her husband’s hand. They request their son-in-law to protect their daughter and be there whenever she needs any kind of help.

All the elders provide blessings to the couple to lead a glad and a successful married life and then the father of the bride leads her to the “Doli” and hands her to the groom, on the other end, the brothers of the bride will go together with her to drop her in her Husband’s house or say goodbye with the aid of pushing the car ahead and other family member throw sweets and coins on back side of car to make sure that no evil comes their way.

Moments Which We Cherished In Indian Wedding Ceremony

The funny moment of the Vidai Ceremony in Hindu Wedding is that it brings stolen property, sure enough, individuals just like the sisters-in-law.  Generally, the responsibility of this task stays on the shoulders of the sisters-in-law. The sisters-in-law, also known as “saalis” in Hindi, they get gifts like gold jewellery, money or another item in a similar way for returning the pair of shoes.

Most attractive and emotional moment of any Hindu wedding ceremony is Vidai Ceremony. A bride leaves her precious home and her loved ones, she hugs her parents, friends and all the members of her family. The couple receives blessings of the elders by touching their feet. This ritual is one among the important part of the Vidai because the bride steps out of the doorway of her house, At the same time, she is additionally praying for the success and prosperity for her house, that was her abode since birth.

We all know the wedding day is a cherished moment for everyone, especially for groom and brides. However, once her dream of married getting fulfilled, it is time for the bride to go away her house this emerges out as this is the most painful moment for all.

Vidai is a mixture of emotions and happiness where all wish the beautiful couple a happy life and bless them with love, all family members. With so many rituals, sadness and happiness Vidai Ceremony in Indian wedding can be considered as the best part of the wedding ceremony

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