Valentine Week 2018: The Days to Celebrate in Run Up to Valentine’s Day

valentine week

“Love is a promise; love is a souvenir; once given, never forgotten; never let it disappear”

Whenever I think about Valentine’s day, there are so many memories that come to my mind. Some of them are good, some bad and some are too funny that it gives me stomach aching laughter. You must be wondering what can be bad about the day of love well, believe me when your first break up happens on Valentine’s day it is terrible.

Even that did not discourage me rather made me a hopeless romantic, but again being a romantic can be easily blamed on all those fairytales and the romcoms I watched as a teenager. But now when I see people celebrating a whole week of love rather Valentine’s week, it makes me wonder do they even know the history of the day. Most of you don’t so here it is. Valentine’s day was first celebrated as a western ritual to honour the saints called Valentinus.

But recently something that has gained popularity is the week leading up to Valentine’s day and each day of the week is celebrated as a symbol of love.

Here Are The Days That Are Celebrated During Valentine Week:

Rose Day:

It is celebrated as the first day of the week and it is celebrated on the of February. On this day you give a rose to your loved one as a symbol of love. This day is not only celebrated by the youth also by interested people of all age groups. Whenever we speak of love rose comes as the first symbol, then why not give it to someone you love and express your love to them.

Propose Day:

This is celebrated to be the second day of Valentine week 2018 or any year. On this day every man dresses up and take their significant other outside and even pop the question or there are also youngsters who gift something sweet to their prospective other to ask him or her out. Sweet right!

Chocolate Day:

It is celebrated as the third day of the week. Chocolate has always been symbolized with love and gifting chocolate to your loved ones is a way of spreading love along with sweetness among everyone. And in my eyes, it is very important mainly because people are becoming more and more competitive day by day.

Teddy Day:

This is celebrated as the fourth day of the week. There is nothing as sweet as a teddy bear. And nothing can make any young girl happy than a soft toy. On this day, couples especially the younger crowd gifts each other stuffed toy just to make they’re significant another feel special about themselves.

Promise Day:

The fifth day of the day is celebrated as the promise day. This is also one of the most special days of the whole week as on this day the couples promise each other their love, affection, and togetherness for the years to come in their life. They do this every year as a reminder of all those promises they made to each other. My brother and his wife have a ritual of taking their wedding vows again on this day and also discuss all the things that went wrong the previous year and they promise not to repeat them. Isn’t this kind of a sweet ritual to have?

Hug Day:

This is the sixth day of the week. I always felt that there is nothing like a warm hug from the person who loves you to ease all your troubles. Well, for me this day has always been a reminder of that feeling. Giving someone a simple bear hug can take away a lot of their pain that they might have been piling up in their heart and hiding it from you. And it is also good for you as you might have the same feeling of relief as there is no person who does not face problems in life and eventually tries to hide it from someone else or themselves.

Kiss Day:

This is the seventh day of the week that leads up to valentine’s day. I always felt this day to be the most popular one as in my house all my brothers just wanted to jump to this day of the week. Well, I do not blame them as at the end of the day this day gives them the golden opportunity to express their love to their significant other with a sweet gesture and there is no sweet gesture than a kiss and I bet every person would have a smile on their face when they receive a kiss.

Valentine’s Day:

Then finally arrives the day of love like a boss. This day brings all the hearts filled with love together. Be it a couple or just friends or even your parents you can always celebrate it with all your loved ones as it is a day of love. And love is something that can cure all broken hearts or angered souls. A day that started of as a western feast day organized for St. Valentinus has become one of the most popular days on the calendar.

Well, I know most of you have already planned out your day with your loved one but do not forget that this is just a week to remind you that how you should treat your significant other all throughout the year.

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