The Untold Secrets Of A Long Lasting Happy Marriage


The idea of a ‘long-lasting marriage’ seems like a lost cause in today’s world. With more number of people choosing to opt for a divorce in case anything goes bad, the importance of the institution of marriage has faded significantly in many people’s minds in the recent times. There are numerous people who consider separation as the easiest solution for handling a rocky relationship. It is therefore no wonder that fewer numbers of couples today give their marriages with a second chance after their closeness and intimacy fades.

Like all other relationships, a marriage may require help from time to time, particularly when things do not look good. While it can be quite challenging for a couple to work on their issues and may require plenty of effort to get things right, the rewards can be really good in return. It can also help you to grow strong as a person as well as a couple.

Here are some untold secrets of a happy and fulfilling marriage that lasts a lifetime.

Communicating freely with your partner

A good marital relationship can only be achieved by communicating openly with your partner. If communication is absent in a marriage, it can slowly and steadily destroy the relationship over a course of time. While most people speak about honesty within a marriage, it can only be possible when the lines of communication are always kept open. Even if you are busy with loads of work such as family chores, taking care of children and other activities, you need to set some time apart for your spouse and talk about everything under the sun.

Respect and dignity

Although love has its own importance, it is also important to treat your partner with respect and dignity so that it strengthens your bond over time. Plenty of people think that once they have married someone, the other person is like a property. This eventually hampers the relationship as they tend to not work anymore in creating closeness and intimacy. While the other person becomes an integral part of your existence, you still need to remember that it is necessary to treat him or her with proper regard and respect. This means that you should respect the feelings and thoughts of your partner even if you do not agree at all times.

Readiness to compromise

In a marriage, it is necessary to compromise from time to time. This does not however mean that you have to give up your likes and dislikes completely, but find a middle path where you and your partner are both satisfied with the final resolution. It is necessary to find solutions to a problem or issue that you both find satisfactory.

Bonding with the in-laws

You will need to create a positive relationship with your partner’s in-laws so that it does not lead to any rifts with your partner. Although this can be easy to say, you might find it quite difficult to achieve. However, it is still necessary that you engage in a polite conversation with them from time to time and maintain a cordial relation in different social situations. Your in-laws can serve as an excellent source of strength and support to both of you in good and bad times.

Openness about finances

If you are looking to ensure your personal financial stability, you can very well create a bank account of your own to save money. However, it is necessary that your partner is aware of your personal finances. Keeping secrets when it comes to finances may only cause more rifts between you two and lead to great misunderstanding which may damage the relationship permanently for you both.

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