Unique Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

wedding invitation card ideas

We all know that wedding in India is a grand affair and we do love to celebrate it with pomp and show. After all who would not declare to the world that they are in love and want to be in each other’s life forever.

Every girl plans her wedding down to the T even before she finds a guy for herself. I remember doing the same with my friends in my school days. We would see weddings in movies and would day dream about our special day. And from those days we were clear on the type of wedding we want for our self. If I would be getting married today, I would know what kind of decoration I would ask the decorators to do and if I have hired a wedding planner I would be there bugging her with my ideas but I am not getting married and my sister and she is doing exactly the same thing.

But then one day she comes up with a strange idea that she wants her wedding invites to be unique yet special. So, here are some wedding invitation card ideas if you have the similar idea for your wedding invites.

Card Like A CD:

If you are a 90’s kid getting married then why not put something from your childhood in your wedding. Well, if you have always been a music lover then you can make that a part of your wedding with a touch of your childhood. You can easily get you wedding cards shaped like a CD. It would give all the necessary details and would also give a uniqueness to the invite.

Doodle Card:

Are you a couple who connected through the doodles you drew at the back of your book when you were in college or school. Well, then make it a part of your wedding invite. Make your wedding invite look like a story you are saying through doodles with all the important information that the invitee needs to know. This is the wedding invitation card idea that my sister chose as she is marrying her high school sweetheart.

Menu Style Invites:

Are you both a foodie and cannot think without food being in front of you. Great! Perfect! Make it a part of your wedding card. You can make your wedding card look like a restaurant menu. It will not only be interesting and unique but will tell your guests exactly what they need to know without them going through the whole card.

Film Poster Style Invites:

You might be wondering what if you met yours would be husband through a community matrimonial site like Thakur marriage site. Well, then you might think what was the first thing that connected you. If it was filmed then you can use that as an idea for your wedding invite. You can make your wedding invite look like a movie poster and under that camouflage you can spend some romantic time with your better half while you are getting your pre-wedding photo shoot done.

Invite Like An Illustration:

Are you both the artistic type? Or both of you simply love animated things? Well, that liking can actually make a beautiful invitation card. Imagine a card that has illustrations? You can easily illustrate your story and let your guests know how you met or how he proposed or any fun moment that bought you close. Won’t that make a great wedding invite?

Old is Gold; The Traditional Way:

If you are the one who loves traditions and take them to your heart and it is a part of who you are then you can also make it a part of your wedding invite. Traditional cards no doubt looks very beautiful and has a royal feel to it. A card with golden letters is for sure a sign of royalty. You can also add the royal blue color in your card. Well, the name itself has the word royal in it. Thinking about fashion? Well, traditional never goes out of fashion.

Something floral:

A nature lover? Want to give that touch to your wedding invite as well? Well, you can always do that with a card that has a touch of nature in any manner possible. The color can be something light like beige and then you can add little details that would proclaim your love for nature.

Piece Of Art:

It is a general notion that girls love decorating, well it is actually not wrong they do have love for art but there are some girls who are inspired by them then why not inculcate that in your invites. You can make your invite very unique by printing art pieces that inspire you along with embroideries that would make it stand out. I am this card would be a part of your guest’s collection even after the wedding.

Aren’t these invite ideas just too special, then what are you waiting for if you are still thinking about invites why not try one of these!

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