Unique Wedding Gift Ideas For The Newlyweds

unique wedding gift ideas

“It is not the gift but the thought that counts”

 Whenever I am invited to a wedding the first think about is what to gift the newlyweds. A gift that they would remember and use, a gift that will bring a smile on their face, a gift that is for both of them. But I always end up gifting the bride. This time I went online for some unique wedding gift ideas and well I was surprised at the ideas I got. Many may ask why is it even important to find the the right gift you can always give a bouquet.

Well, for almost all Indians, wedding is the most extravagant affair and we love to spend lavishly on weddings and its arrangements. In India, wedding celebration is not just limited to the couple, but the whole family is a part of the celebration. And talking about wedding gifts, it is an essential part of all weddings and you just cannot imagine a wedding without a gift. When ever we think of wedding gifts, we always want to gift something unique and useful thing to the newlywed couple.

Did you know that the kind of a gift you give decides your closeness with the couple? Nowadays, people do not want to gift the same old traditional stuff like clothes and jewelry, but they prefer going online and searching for some unique wedding gift ideas.

If you are still not sure and really confused as what to gift so that the gift is not old school but best and contemporary, so, we are sharing some unique wedding gift ideas with you to make your search easy.

Shopping Voucher:

If you are not sure what you should gift to the newly wedded couple. Whether you should go traditional and choose a dress or a showpiece, or should you go with soothing more modern, it is very difficult to make the final decision, in that case why not go for a gift voucher. It is a perfect choice to get rid of your confusion. Give them a gift voucher of the same worth which you decided to invest on a gift. So, that they can buy a gift of their choice.

Couple Spa Coupons:

Getting married is exciting but it takes away a lot of energy from the newly weds. So why not gift them a perfect and relaxing spa session gift voucher. This will infuse some romance in their love life and to relax their senses. A couple spa session is the perfect yet unique wedding gift idea. If you are aware of their future schedule, then you can book a date according to their convenience or availability. Or just get a voucher from any of the outlets which offer a voucher that will be valid for a limited for a longer period of time like a month or so.

Honeymoon Package:

If you have not decided on a budget and you don’t mind spending a good amount for them as a gift, you can give them something awesome and special. Gift them a romantic honeymoon package to their desired destination or to any romantic destination. It will definitely be a memorable gift for the newlyweds.

Plan A Romantic Date For Them:

Romantic dinner date is another unique wedding gifting idea for the newly weds. You can easily book a romantic dinner date for them. It will not only be special but also will be the first dash of romance in their married life. If you know their favorite dinning spot, go ahead and book their dinner date or if you are unaware of their favorite place because it is an arranged marriage then you can just book a date at a place that will match their style and satisfy their taste buds.

Confused! Gift A Cash Card:

It always happens that if a very close friend or some family member is getting married we tend to get confused what to gift them so that it is different from the others. To ease such confusions cash card is a good option to gift them on their wedding. You can buy a gift cash card from any bank. As nowadays almost all banks offer a card which is a kind of gift card with a fixed amount. These are very convenient and easy way of gifting something different, special and unique. If you are not sure about what to gift, then a cash gift card is perfect choice.

Gifts have always been a part of weddings. Be it Indian wedding or wedding of any other place gifts are very important. Wedding without gifts are incomplete. I always tend to get confused what to gift when my close friends or family members get married but these above unique wedding gifting ideas relieved me of my worries. Always remember that when a couple opens a gift they do expect something different from the people close to them so gifting the same old traditional this may not be a good idea.

A word of caution, do not gift something that may cause a spat of words between the happy married couple, do not forget it is a new turning point of life for both of them so gift something that can be enjoyed by both of them.

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