Trends For Grooms For 2018

trends for grooms for 2018

Whenever we talk about wedding attire, we have an auto set button to think about the bride’s wear and we leave out the groom completely. Well, this new year that will not happen because it is not only the bride who looks attractive during the wedding it is also the groom who has to look perfect to so that they can steal the show. To look compatible, the grooms as well need to don something unique and trendy so that even he is prominent on his wedding day. Recently, when my brother’s friend goes married and he uploaded all the pictures on his social media sites, I was the first person to laugh at them.

Why? Well, in the pictures with the bride and the groom, the bride was visible and so where my brother and his group but the groom well he wasn’t noticeable. I agree that there are many who want to keep it simple but simple does not mean that you wear something that no one would notice. At the end of 2017 Virat Kohli proved this by wearing a monotone kurta at his wedding when his bride was all decked up in Sabyasachi attire.

It is a fact that grooms wear has been through a complete makeover since the mid of 2017 but 2018 would see more grooms actually experimenting with those new styles as they are simple yet very trendy. So, here are some of the styles that you can experiment with for 2018 wedding season:

Front-open Jacket Style Sherwani:

If given a choice grooms would completely ditch sherwani’s and wear a jacket or a blazer on their wedding day. Well, in the west this might be an option but in Indian it certainly is not. I never understood their fight with ethnic wear, but I guess the trend setters did that is why they designed and bought in front-open jacket style sherwani. It is a perfect blend of western and ethnic wear. These sherwanis look very classy on any groom and they are reigning in fashion as well. So, all the grooms who would prefer ditching their sherwanis with heavy work can opt for this as they are simple yet trendy.

Safas That Are Unique:

There are many cultures and religions in India and Indian matchmaking sites might help you finding the perfect match but that is not the end of the story. In some of those cultures wearing a safa on the wedding day is a must but now even the guests are bored of those simple one colour safas as they see it on the TV too much. Well, for that you can easily opt for something unique. A design that is bold and has not been tried before. You might wonder what? I am actually speaking of the printed ones something like floral or the geometric ones. They would just look out of the world on any groom on their wedding day. Many might say they must wear pink safas well you can always choose something with a pink base isn’t it.

Monotone With Added Jewelry For Pop Of Colour:

A monotone look is very popular this season. Well, slightly more because Virat Kohli sported it on his wedding. But the fact according to me is that the monotone look is basically a royal look and no groom can go wrong with that look. You wear monotone of white or ivy from top to bottom including the shoes. But again, you might ask what to do for little colour as it might look blunt. For that you can always add jewelry on your safa and your neck that would give the required pop of colour. Men and jewelry? Indian grooms do wear jewelry and it looks very royal on them too.

Ombre Sherwani’s And Kurta:

It is a fact that we have spotted many brides opting for Ombre lehengas in 2017 but in 2018 it would be grooms chance to deck up in Ombre sherwanis and kurtas. It is not that it would look funny or something rather it looks classy and trendy as the shades are such that would bring out your complexion very prominently. You can always choose the shoes as per the shade and you can also go minimalistic on jewelry if you like with just opting for a brooch. The shades are usually pastel giving you an elegant look on your wedding day or night whatever might be the scenario.

Blue; The Hue Of The Season:

When I was writing about the lehengas the 2018 brides can choose from I had mentioned hues of blue. And here again I am mentioning that as it is definitely the hue of the season. You would no doubt look chic as well as unique in it and if your bride has also chosen the hue of the season well then no one can look elsewhere during your special day as both of you would look magnificent. Blue kurtas wit subtle embroidery work is something that you can wear even after the wedding so there is no worry of what you would do with it after the wedding is over.

Hence, now you know all the reigning style this season for the grooms. So, do not wear something from the last season rather choose something new and be the star of the day.

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