Small Food Additions That Your Guests Would Love At Your Wedding

trending food ideas for 2018 wedding

What do you look forward to when you go to a wedding in India? All of you will have various answers to this simple question but if you ask me I would say just one word and that is food. All of us go to a wedding, greet the bride and the groom and straight head to the food section, well along the way we may pass few knowing glances but that’s it. It is a fact that everyone at the wedding wants to know about the kind of food they are serving.

Well, this may not be out of curiosity but mostly to judge them or compare. Recently, I attended my childhood friend’s wedding and most of the guest at the wedding were the people from my colony, practically they have seen us grow and were there at her brother’s wedding as well but the strange thing that I noticed that most of them were so engrossed in discussing which wedding food was better her or her brother’s. I was in shock and actually questioned our mentality but when I voiced my concerns to my friend the bride, she laughed it off saying that is human nature and we cannot change it.

That is when it struck me that the same old starters, chaats, veg/non-veg dishes, Gulab Jamun and ice cream for dessert, do not please guests anymore and if you really want to get into the hearts of your guests through their bellies, then the same old thing would not cut it, it does not matter how tasty it might be! So here are some really cool, trending food ideas for your 2018 wedding which would be a hit with your guests!

Food Décor:

Sometimes it so happens that the food area is way back and the guests have to walk through an alley kind of area to reach it. Well, you might lit it up with lights along with flower décor but that might not get your guests excited as they are expecting the same menu that they have had a million times at other weddings. So, what if you lit up the passage along with some cool and cute food displays like hanging a cupcake in a glass jar in the form of a lantern would surely get your guests excited.

Coffee Served In A Unique Way:

These days everyone is on Instagram and putting food posts on Instagram got it so popular in the first place. So, what if you serve that warm drink for the winter wedding in the form of glitter cappuccino or in a waffle cone. Both of these ideas are very much in trend these days and they are certainly Instagram worthy and your guest would love it too. As who does not like the familiar taste in a different style.

Food In Cone:

Food in a cone, now how cool is that! Well, in a more decorative language we can also call it the savoury chimney, but the meaning remains the same. At weddings, it is very difficult to hop from one food corner to other with a plate in hand or a napkin which can easily fall off and with the soiled napkins even our palms get soiled which is a big trouble for the girls as that might spoil their hair and dress. So, serving food in cones are the best as well as the unique option as they are easy to grab on the go.

Interesting Food Bar:

These days there are very interesting food bars seen at weddings. Well, you can add on to the bar by coming up with some interesting food items like popcorns but more like non-veg/veg popcorns or something like dessert bar that serves various kinds of desserts. Serve your guests flavours that they have not tried before and also give them the option to mix and match so that they can choose what they want to eat and enjoy the visualization as well.

Healthy Snacks To Munch On:

These days everyone is health conscious and very busy in maintaining their weight so, why not keep that in mind while serving snacks at your wedding. At an Indian wedding it is very important that you serve snacks while the wedding is going as the ceremony is very long and guests might get hungry so, at this time why not serve something that is healthy as well and tasty to munch on. These simple snacks will keep the guests busy as well as they would not have to worry about their health.

Unique Paan:

Indian wedding is not over without the taste of paan in the mouth of the guests while they leave but what if you played around with the paan flavor a bit like serving nutella pan or ice cream pan. You can go from flavor twist straight to the gourmet style. These new flavours will not only surprise your guests but will also bring a smile on their face.

These simple food changes might just help you impress all those grumpy guests who are about to attend your wedding. But if you still see grumpy faces just believe what my friend said, “It is human nature.”

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