5 Traits Men Look For In The Lady Of Their Dreams

Traits Men Look For In The Lady Of Their Dreams

I don’t even remember now from when I started hearing my male friends saying that they need to find the right girl before they can even think of a relationship. You can guess that it has a while now. But whenever they break up with a girl all they can say that ‘she was not that one’. So, finally one day I end up asking them what do they want in their so-called perfect girl that you are unable to find.

Well, I was excepting a cliché reply like she should be like my mother but instead what I heard impressed me a lot. A woman has many roles to play in a man’s life. Be it his friend, wife, lover, mother to his children and even a support system. But her most important role is that of a companion. This is why there are few traits that every man looks for in a woman. But what are those traits, is something that we woman wonder.

Well, here are some of the traits men look for in the lady of their dreams, decoded by my friend and brought to you by me:


Being beautiful has nothing to do with how you look or how you dress up. Guys do not care about it when they are looking for a lady to spend their life with. Being beautiful is actually how you are as a person or human being. This is true indeed! Because a book with a very colorful outlook and a boring storyline is indeed a boring book and its cover cannot change it. Similarly, a lady who looks beautiful on the outside but is not liked by others for her behavior is not beautiful at all. How you are with your closest friends and family shows how you really are. If you are laughing with them then do that with your partner as well. Because men these days love women with a sense of humor.


We all have heard the lines ‘the way we present ourselves says a lot about us.’ Well, I would not say anything about clothes as that does not decide who you are. But in today’s world, there is something called the social media and your presence there is basically your resume for the men. Similarly, when you like a man on matrimonial site you first check his social media account. Well, coming back to the point. Men might say that they like social guys but they are not the ones looking for a life partner but in case they are they would prefer a lady who would be at home reading a book rather partying at some club. Because they feel the less they are aware of a girl’s life the more intriguing she gets.


Men are very physical with their display of affection by nature. They love to pamper their girl but they are also looking for the same thing from a girl as well. They prefer girls who hold their hand randomly and plant a kiss on their cheek just for fun. It strengthens the bond between them and brings them closer to each other.


Who does not like an intelligent person, after all, that is what would take you further in life. You would have to be intelligent to deal with every up and down that you face in your life and this is the reason why a man prefers a woman with intelligence. Intelligent women know a lot about the world around them, but they even have a keen interest in making that world a better place. They have the habit to think critically and engage our senses as well. Moreover, they also strive to be successful, which is the biggest turn on in itself. There are some decisions which the men must take and thus they start second-guessing themselves but if they have someone by their side who is insightful then they can help him to take the right decision.


Confidence is the key to success! I do not doubt that. But why a man looks for this trait? Well, if a woman loves herself despite all the flaws that she has then she would love her man in the same way. Every day is a struggle but if you have a confident woman by your side then she would give you the strength to reach your dreams and would also help you overcome your own resistance.

So, are you such kind of woman then I bet that you are the star of every man’s heart but be smart to pick the right one or be the choice of the right man.

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