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top wedding themes

Nowadays no wants a simple wedding every bride I see wants something different. A wedding theme that is out of the box. Weddings in India has always been a grand event with complete pomp and show. You might say that it is the influence of all those Bollywood movies but haven’t Indian weddings always been this grand of an event?

Marriage is not only an event but it is the joining of two souls rather two families and two cultures and this hoy joining is something that we love to celebrate. Isn’t this the reason why weddings in India is also called a ‘big fat Indian wedding’? Indian weddings not only represent a vibrant mix of colours but also a mix of different traditions, cultures and ceremonies. From a lavish and exquisite wedding setups to the beautiful décor, you would simply be awestruck by the beauty of any Indian wedding. To add on to this splendor, there is this the richness of the bride and the groom’s outfits.

There is no doubt that movies and Indian TV series have influenced the weddings nowadays. Every second person is opting for weddings themes as it is not only beautiful but also gives you an opportunity to fulfill your dream of a fairy tale wedding. A girl always dreams that she would get married just the way all those characters from the fairy tales she read as a child got married but practically that is not possible so, instead there is theme wedding.

The best part about wedding themes is that it keeps changing annually. So, if your friend is getting married this year and you the next year you do not have worry as you will not have to choose from the same set of themes. Every year as the wedding season approaches, wedding planners starts thinking of newer and grander wedding ideas. But there are some wedding themes that never goes out of fashion nor does it loose its effect on any couple. Here are some of those themes:

Top Wedding Themes In India

1. The Royal Wedding Themes:

 Rajasthan is called the land of the “Maharajas” and royalty. Thus, when it comes to organizing a wedding based on the royal theme, we always refer to the Rajasthan style of décor as it emanates a complete sense of royalty and elegance in every form possible. If you prefer having a royal wedding and feel like a prince and a princess on your wedding day, then the royal wedding theme is the perfect theme for you.

The Rajasthani royal wedding theme means a touch of royalty in every aspect of your wedding. Thus, the wedding planner has to set up everything straight out of some royal palace. Starting with a grand palace-like center stage, a décor that is filled with lots of lights, flowers, antiques and some also imprints of royal culture. The wedding planner should also display some mirror-work and some intricate designing on the walls, ceilings and floors that would reflect the royalty in your wedding. You can also bring in the flavor of local Rajasthani heritage like colorful hand-stitched umbrellas, handmade hangings and puppets would definitely add on to the look and feel of the wedding.

2. Bollywood Wedding Themes:

Indian society has always been influenced by Bollywood in every realm of life. Starting with entertainment to wedding arrangements that is the reason why Bollywood theme weddings are among the top wedding themes nowadays. If you have a liking for fun and quirky kind of wedding, then Bollywood theme is the perfect for you. The Bollywood theme wedding is about rich display of bright hues, attractive center stage, lots of songs and dance, a variety of eating options and also elegant lighting & décor. The entire décor speaks in bright colors and decoration that would give the guests the feeling that they are at a film set.

3. Colour Wedding Themes:

Colour based theme wedding is also a trending wedding theme this wedding season. This theme is considered very fashionable and if your family has no problem with such a theme then you can easily opt for color-based wedding ideas during your wedding. This theme is like a fresh splash of some interesting colour combination throughout the wedding décor. It will leave you dumbstruck with its aesthetic feel of different colors adorning different ceremonies of the wedding.

You can use some interesting combination of colors like aqua-blue, vermillion red, bright orange, green or even pastels set up the entire wedding venue perfectly. Some families even decorate the wedding venues in single shades which goes with the ceremony and they even match the colors with the flowers and the attires of the groom and the bride.

These are some of the trending themes for weddings this season but if you prefer something different you can always refer to the internet as there are a many such ideas available. Internet can help you with almost anything from find life partners to wedding outfits. You can be of any community and yet you can find a matrimonial site for yourself as there are many community specific sites like the Kshatriya matrimonial sites where you can easily find the perfect match. Make your wedding such that your guests are compelled to say ‘OMG’.

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