Top Things Every Girl Must Learn Before Marriage

top things every girl must learn before marriage

One night before the wedding a girl can only think of hugging her father and not let go, lye down on her mother’s lap and stay there forever. She feels nostalgic, excited, and scared all at the same time. She has small butterflies in her stomach that refuses to go away. Her feelings are practically all over the place and she does not know what should she actually feel. But apart from the nostalgia part, she was sure of one feeling that was the feeling of excitement that just the thought of her would be husband gives her and she automatically has a big smile on her face.

A girl never starts planning her wedding just a few months before the day, but she plans it from the day she understands what the word means. By the time she is getting married she is sure of the kind of decorations she wants, the type of outfit she would wear, the way she would do her hair and every other detail down to the color of the venue tablecloths. It is her big day and she does not want anything to go wrong on the day. She is very particular about every detail so that her wedding day becomes a memorable one not only for her but also her guests.

But in planning her wedding day they forget some of the most important things that every woman must learn before they get into the wedlock. Planning your fairytale wedding is very important but the wedding is not the end of the fairy tale it is rather the start. As in reality after the wedding, there is no board that reads ‘then they lived happily ever after’ that just happen in movies. There is a list of things that you should know before marriage so that your marriage is a fairy tale by itself.

Here Are The Top Things Every Girl Must Learn Before Marriage:

Laws Of Marriage:

‘What is the need for marriage laws you might say?’ Well, when it comes to Indian women they might be living in 2017 but when it comes to marriage they are stuck in 1950’s. I know in India marriage is not about joining of two souls but rather it is the union of two families but that does not mean you should not be aware of your rights. When it comes to wedding bliss you might not be aware of many nitty gritty such as did you know that as per Hindu Marriage Act, change in religion by the husband or the wife can be the valid grounds to seek the divorce. I am sure you were not aware of it. So much for secularism! So, knowing your rights are important in a way.

Medical Tests:

Marriage is a constant journey where you learn something new every day but if you are not careful now there might be problems later that cannot be solved but might start a blame game among the couple as well as the two families. HIV test for couple planning for kids are gaining popularity but this test must be done before marriage so that there are no problems later on. Even the couple planning to get married to take fertility test because marriage is also a start of the new family and if any of the partners is not fertile then it creates problems later causing a blame game. These tests are not character certificate but just a way to keep your marriage happy by knowing your partner’s medical background before tying the knot.

Say ‘No’ But Diplomatically:

I do not mean it in a negative sense. But a woman must know when and how she should say no to a marriage. It must not matter if your husband or your in-laws are forcing you or they are emotionally blackmailing you. If you think and feel something is wrong, then you must state your opinion loud and clear as that is your fundamental right. Once you are married, you will have lots of responsibilities thrust upon you and there will be too many people for you to please. That does not mean you have to please them all you practically can’t. So, it is very important for you to learn how to politely put your foot down when people start forcing you to do things.

Basic Cooking:

I am certainly not suggesting you go old school and prepare a complete meal for your family twice a day that includes breakfast and snacks. But knowing the basic kitchen skills would help. Technology has made finding a partner easy with the help of matrimonial sites like Punjabi matrimonial sites but that does not mean you can depend on it for food. Suppose it’s just you and your husband staying together, and the maid goes on a leave for a week, what would you do? You cannot eat at a restaurant every day nor survive on Maggi. If you just learn to cook just the basics, you can probably fix up a quick dal-chawal meal with a little help from your husband and be happy.

These are some of the most important things that every girl should learn before getting married as they are an important part of the fairy tale that you have wished for yourself ever since you were a kid and started planning your fairytale wedding.

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