5 Tips To Help You Find ‘The One’ On Matrimonial Websites

tips to find the perfect partner on matrimonial websites

Marriages in India are usually arranged by the boy and the girl’s parents. The family usually does so with help of the local pandits of their web of relatives. But in the recent times, matrimonial sites are becoming very popular they help you to find your Mr. Perfect or Ms. Perfect in just a few clicks. But I never believed that old customs like this can break so easily but then while flipping through the channels on TV, I came across an advertisement where the mother of the girl tells her husband and daughter that they will search the groom through a matrimonial site.

This was the proof that society is changing at a fast pace and every parent want their children to be happy but they also want their say in their child’s marriage and matrimonial sites have made it easy for them to do so. The introduction of matrimonial sites has changed the way we look at ‘arranged marriages’. In more than one way, ‘arranged marriage’ perhaps for the first time have successfully blended with ‘love marriage,’ as it involves everyone that is parents, elders, neighbors and the ones who are to get married.

With the introduction of matrimonial sites, there is less resentment amongst the bride or groom in matters while deciding who they want to marry because most matrimonial sites provide a wide variety of choices to choose from so that they can make an informed choice.

But log in onto a matrimonial site does not mean you will find ‘the one’ for yourself or that you need to know the tips that help you find ‘the one’ on matrimonial websites:

5 Tips To Find The Perfect Partner On Matrimonial Websites

Do Not Be A Quick Judge:

We all have heard the saying “Do not judge the book by its cover”, well matrimonial sites are the best place to remember that mainly while searching for your ‘the one’. On a matrimonial site, you meet this seemingly perfect guy – his profile photo seems nice and he also has a complete profile where he says he is a ‘successful banker’ with a ‘good bonus’. Well, I would say do not judge the profile right away because on matrimonial sites there are two types of people one with serious intent and the other who are lying. You can only know that once you invest more time and effort.

Research Is Must:

Once you have interest in someone’s profile, do not make a hasty decision and connect. Always remember in this new world of technology Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are your best friends. If the profile you are interested in has the full name, then you must look them up online. Sometimes, just the name may not be enough thus, you can expand your search along with their educational institute or workplace or work industry. Also, make sure you scroll through the first four or even five pages of Google search so that you do not miss out any news report buried somewhere about his/her past.

Make The First Move, It Won’t Hurt:

There is a very famous saying that ‘fortune favors the brave’ well, this is apt while you are looking for your potential partner online. Now that you have interest in someone’s profile and you have also found out that his social profile seems genuine, now the only way left for you to really know the person is to initiate contact with him or her.

Chat Is Good But When Done Sensibly:

when it comes to online interaction there are two kinds of people one who prefer the spoken word and thinks the best way to connect is on a phone call and the other who prefers online chatting for a while before speaking on call or meeting. It does not matter which is your preference but make sure you are comfortable with it. If your instinct says that you would like to know more about the person’s behavior before taking it to the next level, then choose online chatting. It gives you the opportunity to ask more questions, to know their interests, education history, work history and know your basic compatibility with them before connecting at a deeper level.

Do Not Drop Your Guard:

While chatting with someone you may feel that the person is genuine but still it is best to keep your guard on until you have confirmed their work profile and education through Facebook or LinkedIn. This is the case if you are being approached. Yes, you may ask that these social platforms are not an absolute confirmation but it would provide more comfort to see that the person has a large professional network or large friends circle, with recommendations or testimonials, all indicating that the profile is genuine. But it is always advisable to not speak about your family wealth or your income unless you know the person more closely.

It is a known fact that these websites offer a safe and secure environment that helps the elders of the family to explore the possibilities that such websites must offer. There are many online matrimonial services in Lucknow and other locations in India that offer additional services such as providing a wedding planner or a relationship manager, who would not only help you find your ideal life partner but also decide for the meetup.

Matrimonial sites are designed in a way that Indian traditions and sentiments are not hurt thus, they also offer features like horoscope matching which is an important part of a traditional Indian wedding. Such features assure the parents that all the priorities of matchmaking the traditional way has been successfully fulfilled by these websites thus, they approve these matrimonial sites as a perfect way to find a suitable bride of a groom.

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