Tips To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

tips to choose the perfect engagement ring

“Handcrafted beauty and elegance that lasted a life time”

“He finally proposed but I did not like the ring” said my best friend to me. I just smiled as this was not the first time I had heard a comment like this. I always wondered why is it so hard for guys to choose a ring, when they decide to propose isn’t that the time they should start to think about the kind of ring they would like to propose with. And then again don’t they know their girl’s choice to start with. Well, I knew he gave hints of the proposal, so I asked him why such a weird and bulky ring when he is aware that his girl likes sleek ones. The answer left me in splits of laughter. “I forgot about the ring, so it was a last-minute thing” he said.

Well, this made me think of a guide that would allow the men to choose that perfect ring that would make their proposal the ‘Platinum day of love’ for his would-be bride. It was not that hard to combine the list of the things that the guy should consider while choosing a proposal ring. But if it is an arranged marriage I must say engagement ring.

Here Are Some Tips To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring:

Narrow Down Your Choices:

What would she prefer Diamonds or gemstones, platinum or gold, well narrowing down your ring options might seem overwhelming and sometimes even daunting, but do not panic. Just make your decision one step at a time. You can certainly start with style: Do you envision a simple band or one with embellishments? Do you want your engagement rings to match? Does she like sleek design or something bulky? You must work out these questions beforehand so that you can make your choice accordingly. And your partner will not complain about the ring.

Start The Search Early And Not A Day Before The Engagement:

Once you have workout the basic idea about the kind of ring you’d like or your partner will like, it’s time for the fun part that is trying them on! You must give yourselves the time of at least two to three months before putting your finger on the engagement date o that you have enough time to ring shop. Well, trust me you’ll need that time so that you can browse, research prices as well as revisit the rings that caught your eye and if you have decided on a custom ring, you would probably require more time. Because when you want an engraving done on the ring it can take up to a month.

Just Mix It Up, If Your Choices Vary:

Do not vex if you and your partner have different preference such as you like platinum and your partner likes gold. There is certainly no rule which states that you and your partner have to choose the same metal or even style for your engagement ring. You could easily compromise and get rings that blend the two metals together or just get totally different rings, the key to finding the best ring is choosing that you both love and which would reflect your individual styles. Isn’t that what marriage being all about.

Set A Budget:

While shopping for engagement rings couples usually decide that they would spent around 2-3% of their wedding budget on them but if you want to buy a 22-karat gold ring it may cost you way more depending on the retailer and the gold rate of the day. Again, if you want something that is embellished with diamonds or precious stone then that would surely add on to the budget. But if you have your heart set on customized ring then you are o for big budget. So, it is very important that you set a budget before you go ring shopping and count all these factors in while doing so.

Remember Your Lifestyle:

Do not forget that you’re going to wear this ring every day, so choose something that would seamlessly become a part of your lifestyle. If you are into sports or you play an instrument, go for a slimmer ring with rounded edges as that would make the most sense. You work too much with your hands, you might want to go for something simple, like a solid metal ring and definitely avoid gemstones which can come loose or carvings, which might trap dirt. If you have a job which demands you to be super active, go for platinum, as it is extra durable.

Look for options:

You might have always wished to have a braided rose gold ring or a diamond eternity band on your finger as an engagement ring, but once you are in the store, try out some other styles as well. You can also chat with the jeweler, and let them make suggestions based on your choices, just remember don’t rule anything out. Just like you do with your wedding outfit, you might just end up loving something that you had never thought of.

So, all the couples who are ready to get engaged and are shopping for their engagement ring just make these above pointers a part of your inspiration board and you would know how the daunting experience can actually become fun.

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