5 Things You Must Consider Before Saying Yes To Arranged Marriage

top 5 things you must consider before saying yes to arranged marriage

“Your choice of a life partner may well be the most important decision you ever make”. Especially when it’s an arranged marriage, it not like that they are bad. But there are certain things that one need to focus on before giving a thumb up for arranged marriage. Marriages are made in heaven, they say. But they’re also the biggest commitment and one of the most important decisions you ever make.

Whether you’ve fallen in love or it’s an arranged match, marriage ushers a new phase into one’s life. Saying yes is a big decision and to make a wise decision, though, you need to weigh all its implications and factors carefully. In a country like India, where arranged marriages are given more importance. Indian matchmaking sites plays an important role helping you find a nice partner. Also, there are websites that are specifically made for people of a specific community like Khatri matrimonial sites, Agarwal matrimonial sites.

There was a time when people used to say that marriages are made in heaven, but now heaven seems to be too busy for this kind of work and hence he introduced matrimonial websites to do this job. You’ll be shocked and surprised both at the same time to know that the number of people finding their partner through arranged marriage has grown up in last few years. Many practical reasons are there behind this. People have this perception that arranged marriages are bad but, they are not always bad until it is forced upon you. So before, you jump to any conclusion or before making any big decision to get into the arranged marriage circus, here is a list of things to do or consider for a happy, healthy, peaceful and everlasting future married life:

Things You Must Consider Before Saying Yes To Arranged Marriage

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

To know a person well you need to spend time together as much as possible, now a day’s people prefer to get married in the same city. So, it you have a similar case try to catch-up with them frequently. But since you will be marrying a stranger, it’s important to understand the kind of person he or she is. What traits, features and good habits does he/she carry. Nobody is born perfect, but you may find an imperfect person perfect in your own way. Ask yourself if those kinds of imperfections are acceptable to you? Have open discussions with him/her. Speak your heart to them because sometimes, very small and useless topics can really help you to figure out a person.

Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

There is no such thing called fairy tale world. And there is no prince charming. You can find a nice guy, but a perfect man is hard to find as nobody in this world is perfect. Let your partner know whatever expectations you’ve from him. Clear it out before marriage. Don’t presume things by yourself and most importantly don’t build castles in the air. If you have unrealistic dreams or expectations that are too high after marriage, please do let him/her about the same. Marriage often becomes bitter because of unrealistic expectations.


Your in-law’s role is as important as your partners to make your marriage life happy and peaceful. In arranged marriages there is always a possibility that you don’t have much time to get up with your in-laws so at times both the sides remain completely unknown about each other’s nature and behavior. As a solution, to make things easy for you after marriage, do talk to them to figure them out and to know them better. Talk and share things, get to know each other’s expectations. Ask if they are happy with your decision of getting married. If possible, then talk to your in-laws specially mother-in-law in case of a girl and to your father-in-law in case of a guy about your insecurities if any. This would help you give a clear view of what lie ahead and will help you to be mentally prepared for it.

Working Women Or A Homemaker

This is an important issue to discuss on if you are a girl. Tell them about your life goals, work life, hobbies, passion and ambitions. Let them know what you want after marriage. If there is any problem, then you will know about it before. This way it will help you take the decisions in a better way. Leaving your career and your dreams after marriage is not a wise decision.

A Partner With Sense, Sensibility And Respect

We are in a time where men and women are treated equally, to have a healthy married life try to know your partner’s stance on topics like right to equality and gender neutrality. I bet you wouldn’t love to spend your entire life with someone who is still stuck in 15th century.

Hope some of these points will help you to choose your right partner.

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