10 Things To Do In The Courtship Period To Come Closer To Your Partner

things to do in courtship period

“A perfect marriage is when a couple learns to enjoy their differences”

One day my best friend suddenly calls up to inform that she has found her Mr. perfect that to over a matrimonial site. I was taken aback as what happened she always preferred love marriage over arranged. On enquiring the same she said she just wanted to mix up both and it s kind of fun just like falling in love for the first time. I could feel from the sound of her voice that she had butterflies in her stomach.

It had been just 2 months to this conversation that I was attending her wedding and finally I got the chance to know the story behind her decision. I was always a bit biased about marrying someone whom I met over the net as I couldn’t trust them because to marry someone you need to know that person well enough so that your marriage is based on love and trust and not adjustment and compromise. Many of you may say that even your parents married without knowing each other and they are still such a strong couple.

Well, I agree but that was a different time and love marriages at that time was a brow raiser. But now it is very normal. But when I saw my friend with her husband and his family they were like a clock perfectly at sync with each other. I could feel the love between them and his family was well aware of her dreams and aspirations and they loved her as if they have known her all her life. I was a bit confused as how come they grew so close in just 2 months and when I asked her she told me that the 2 months they had was the courtship period and she made the perfect use of it.

“Courtship is preparation for a successful marriage”

Well, she even passed on some tips to make use of the courtship period to turn your arranged marriage into a perfect blend of love and arrange. Here are those tips and they will surely help you through the courtship period and make you fall in love with each other. As marriage is not about compromise and adjustment but love and trust.

Spend Time:

It is true that only few months are left to your wedding and you are super busy with your office work as you have to take leaves for your wedding and along with that you are also managing wedding shopping, but yet make sure that you make time for each other. You can easily catch up for a quick cup of coffee or just talk over the phone during the the night so that you can know what the two of you where up to and how was your day. This will just give your fiancé the feeling that no matter what you will always have time for him or her.

Don’t Be Shy:

It is high time and you should definitely stop being shy as you both are about to get married soon. It is always the best ideas to be outgoing and bold, you can also flirt a little and reveal your fun and flamboyant side at least to you partner as he should know who you really are. At sometime, you have to break the ice so why not now as it will simply make your courtship period a little more romantic.

Make Him A Part Of Your Group:

It is said that the kind of friends you choose are the reflection of your personality so you can actually introduce him to your girls group. Tell them about him and vice-versa so that he knows about them and they know about him, this will help them to gel up quickly. Guys I’ll let you in a secret if you are friends with your girl’s friends then you will get to know a lot about her.

Get To Know Your In-Laws:

Movies and books have given us the idea that in-laws are never good to their daughter-in-law. So, why not find out how they are by mixing up with them before marriage you might be in for a surprise as they might have accepted you and was just waiting to know you better. This will make your equation with your in-laws very smooth and you will not have to adjust after marriage.

Express Yourself:

You two are about get married and it is very eminent that you should know each other, so why not make use of this courtship period to do so by expressing yourself. Tell him what you like and what you dislike, tell each other your hobbies, dreams, aspirations so that you now each other better and you do not trifle over such things later.

Plan Your Wedding Together:

Wedding planning is the time when most conflicts occur so, why not make it a stress buster process and plan your wedding together. As that way you can look into each others choice and preference and you won’t be facing any kind of conflicts with the arrangements. This will also help you grow closer.

Compliment Each Other:

Complimenting each other is the best way to grow close during the courtship period as that way you will learn to make peace with each others flaws as “the best relationships are made between imperfect couples who can embrace each others flaws”.

Be Romantic:

Being romantic may sound cheesy to some but it actually does not harm to be a little romantic as it will just bring you closer to each other as a couple

Plan Surprises:

We all know that when it comes to surprises guys are a bit slow so why not you take the initiative to plan one and tell him how much you adore him. This may even motivate him to do the same for you.

Plan Your Future:

You two are about to get married so it is the right time to plan your future and be sure of the some of the important decisions during this courtship period as after you are married these decisions tend to lead to fights. This tip will also help you grow closer.

Yes, it is true that you have found the perfect life partner and you just cannot wait to start the new phase of your life together but before you do so make sure you both are on the same page and you know each other well enough as that will help you to shape your relationship even after marriage. Love and trust are the base of any marriage.

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