Things You Should Look into Before Buying Your Wedding Jewellery!

things you should look into before buying your wedding jewellery

Before a wedding, I have seen brides invest all their time and energy and well money on buying the best outfit for the wedding day. But what about the jewelry that you would wear with it. I feel that not choosing the right jewelry for your outfit is a crime. I am not denying the fact that everyone would notice your outfit on your wedding day but just imagine if you have opted for a colour that goes perfectly with your skin tone but the jewelry that you have donned with it is just out of place rather it feels you have dressed up in a hurry as you were getting late.

I bet that is not the case as no bride would get ready in 5 minutes as they normally do while going to work. It is just that your jewelry is very important as it enhances the beauty of your outfit as well as yours. You cannot go wrong with it. Again jewelry means the investment for future and it is very important that you be a smart bride and invest wisely. I agree that you want something light as it is hard for someone who does not don any jewelry to suddenly don a lot for just a night. But that does not mean you will go wrong with it.

Here are some pointers that you must keep in mind while buying your wedding jewelry:

Research Before You Buy:

I am sure your wedding outfit requires a thorough research for the style and the color that you will sport on your wedding day but so does your jewelry since your jewelry is going to be way more expensive that your outfit! Well, I would ask you to do research because it is very natural to be lost with so many options available out there such as polki, diamond, antique, nakshi, pacchi and a wide pool of different gemstones, hence the research would keep you clear on what you want and which jewelry would suit your style the best. There is another reason and that being if in case you want any customized jewelry that can be made within time. Always remember that every style of outfit fits well with a special kind of jewelry so look for that special set and not just any set.

Is It Investment Or Luxury:

For most of us buying jewelry is an investment and that is the sole reason that they prefer to buy solid gold jewelry without any diamonds or precious stone embellished on them because that reduces the value of the pure gold. So, if you are buying your wedding jewelry as a part of investment for the future then gold is your ultimate choice but if it is for sure luxury then you can opt for anything that your heart desires be it Kundan, pearl, diamond, polka or something else. But make sure that whatever you choose it speaks volumes about your personality and your style.

Look Into The Hand Down Ones First:

Sometimes our mom and grandma have treasure stored with them which they ultimately decide to give us on our wedding day but we are so engrossed in buying something modern that we do not check what they have. So, do not make this mistake old jewelries are not only stylish but also pure and antique pieces like those never go out of fashion. Thus, before going for shopping check what they have and then decide how you can mix and match all the new designs that you want with them. If you ask me always use their jewelry as they are not just jewelry rather it is their blessing to you.

Jewelry Before Outfit:

Jewelry is a very big investment so you should always buy them first and then match your outfit to it. Well, if you are planning to wear hands down jewelry then you have to match your outfit to your jewelry so why not if your buying new one. Wondering why am saying this? Well, just imagine buying an outfit and then you are not able to find a jewelry set to go with it then what, you would customize your jewelry. Well, won’t that become even more expensive? I bet it will so why not let it be another way round, that way you can buy your outfit as per your jewelry and make little adjustments as per the need.

Think Long Term:

We always end up buying jewelry that we would just wear on our wedding day then it would just sit in our bank locker. I agree it is an investment but that does not mean that you buy all the jewelry that you cannot use for small functions. So, always plan on buying and think long term and choose few pieces of jewelry which you could wear at some family functions or some formal occasion as well.

So, all the to be brides make sure you take a look at these tips before you decide to go for jewelry shopping.

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