Things You Should Know Before Dating a Feminist

tips to dating a feminist

Whenever a man hears that the girl he is approaching is a hardcore feminist he practically runs to the other direction. Well, I really sometimes want to know what they fear of, that they would debunk their thinking about women or they would make them feel guilty about their mentality. In India, the scenario is something very different as per me, it is not only the men who fear feminism but the society in whole does so. I fail to understand the reason.

During a healthy debate with my best friend who happens to a man, I raised my concerns that is when he told me that mostly people think that feminism means prejudice against men and that is the reason they fear the word leave alone the concept. Well, I want to tell them that feminism is only a term for equality irrespective of gender and debunking the stereotype. It is a concept that just claims equality among men and women in all aspects of life.

I know most of you are familiar with the age-old concept of ladies first well, as per this concept should be eliminated as men and women are equal and by applying the concept of ladies first the men are not being any gentlemen but it is rather a way to show that women and men are different and they should be treated differently. I do not believe so and many other have the same believes as mine and we are those feminist that men usually fear to date.

There is no trick to identify a feminist as they do not come with a sign around their neck but when you are dating one you might want to keep an open mind because there is a lot that you can learn from a feminist girlfriend if you want to. And you might just be surprised to realize that you were also a feminist deep down your heart. Here are those points to remember:

Feminism Have Many Forms But The Ideology Is Same:

Like I mentioned earlier feminism is all about equality and raising above stereotypes. There are no special requirements needed to be a feminist, you can become a feminist whenever you want it is just a belief or rather a mentality. But if you are dating a feminist you must pursue her only after you have got rid of ideas like women cannot be in the army as I can bet she would not forbid you from making a meal or doing the dishes.

Be Prepared, She Might Just Challenge All Those False Beliefs Of Yours:

Healthy debates about various topics are good among couples but when you pick the topic feminism to be extra careful as she might just challenge all your false believes which might lead to a terrible quarrel and you do not want that so, just do your research on it before speaking. I would say it is good to have such a girlfriend as you would get into the habit of think before you speak and that would just save you from embarrassing yourself in public.

Get Rid Of All Those Clichés:

When you have a feminist for a girlfriend you should never feel shy to hold her bag in the public if she has too many things in her hand or even at her supermarket when she is pushing the trolley that does not have a bag holder. Well, I am certainly not saying that she would show big eyes for holding the door for her or offering her a seat on a crowded bus or public transport but that does not mean you feel embarrassed or tell her it is a man’s job when she does that same for you, we are still talking about equality here.

Respect Her Determination:

If you love your career and want a partner who would respect that then you should date a feminist as they are very determinate and passionate about their career. You would usually see them working overtime without complaint. They do so out of respect for themselves and they would totally understand your career commitments as they have them too. Doesn’t such a determination and understanding deserve respect.

Men Privileges Do Exist:

There are many men who complain that with the changing demographics more privileges are being given to women and men are somewhere being out the cast. Well, them I would suggest the date a feminist as they would show you that those men privileges do exist as they would always find a way to debunk every unfair advantage women have over men in everyday life.

You Won’t Offend Her By Paying For Her:

You are out on a date or a coffee and you want to get the bill, then just go ahead and get it as you will not offend her by doing so as knows you respect her and you are doing so out of love nothing else. But if she wants to get the bill then just don’t argue with her.

Guys, these are some basic points that you should remember while dating a feminist.

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