Things Your Groom Is Thinking—But Won’t Tell You

things your groom is thinking but won't tell you

Your wedding day is yet a month away but you are engrossed with the arrangements but something is bothering you and that might be that why is your groom always making excuses when you ask him to join you for something or the other. You might have had fights with him already. Well, well, well, please it is your wedding do not argue with him already as you would get time for all those arguments after marriage. I do not mean this in a negative sense rather a positive one because silly fights after marriage actually brings you closer.

But why is your groom behaving in such a way, you might be wondering because it is an arranged marriage and you just met over one of those community matrimonial site that your parents got you registered on. But mine is a love marriage might say any of the bride, well in that case your groom is not having cold feet rather before you charge him with anything just give him the benefit of the doubt as there are things that every groom thinks before his wedding that they won’t tell you.

Now, you might say that why can’t he share what he is thinking with you well, use your common sense rather they are men if given a chance they would end up doing court marriage so, yet wondering what are those things that they are thinking. Then here is a list for you:

They Do Not Want To Be A Part Of Wedding Planning

You might wonder why, well they really do not care what kind of flowers you choose or the kind of backdrop that you want for the wedding stage. He loves you and all he wants is you get married to you so, all these things do not matter to him. Rather he might help you out with the venue choice and might do all the talking to the vendors but that’s it he do not want to be a part of the selection of flowers or theme. But he won’t tell you at as he is scare that he might hurt your feelings.

He Would Say Yes For A Fairytale Wedding, But May Not Like It

These days, Indian brides and groom have become very outward. There are families who actually sit together and decide on the wedding budget so, that they can share it. And it is a fact that every girl wants a fairytale wedding and your would be groom might just play along with the plan but that certainly does not mean he likes it as he knows that weddings are expensive nowadays.

Present Him With Options Not Your Decision In The Form Of Options

It might happen that while deciding on a certain thing you might think that you cannot choose between two perfectly good option but if asked blindly you would pick one. Well, that is just the perfectionist speaking and this is not something that you should consult with your groom as if he picks the other one and not the one that you have in mind then it might start a conflict. So here, you would be presenting him with your decision in the form of options and not options with an open mind.

He Does Not Care About Cake Flavours

There are very few men who actually knows the difference between various cake flavours. You might be wondering why am I talking about cakes in an Indian wedding site. Well, the fact is these days western culture has become a very happening part of the Indian wedding. But that does not means you have to ask your groom to tag along while deciding the falvour of the cake as he hardly cares and understand and he might just end up liking all the flavours the baker presents you with.

Do Not Ask Him To Mingle With Your Girl Squard

He might know them and might just have smiled at them occasionally when they have met during any of the rituals that does not mean that you would ask him to mingle with them. He might not tell you but he does not like them all the time rather it is exhausting for him when they are around. So, it is always better that you do not force him to mingle with them as they are your bridemaids.

Do Not Complain About His Mom To Him

He knows that his mom can be persistent sometimes but he cannot do anything about it as he is also the victim there and if you see properly even your mom is being the same so there is no use of complaining rather act smart and solve the issue you might just save him too and he might not be asking for it but he certainly needs it.

Well, these are some of the things that is better to be kept away from your groom because he might not tell you he wants to run away each time you ask him to do these things. So, be smart and make your wedding a happy moment for both of you.

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