Things Every Bride To Be Needs To Know

things every bride to be needs to know

I agree that it is your wedding day but that does not mean that you would be so consumed with yourself that you forget your surrounding. I have seen brides driving everyone mad with her tantrums of wanting everything to be right. Why do you forget one simple fact that you got to see this beautiful and happy day because your parents literally forced you to register on that Brahmin matrimonial site where you met the love of your life and then finally decided to settle down with that person.

I do not disagree that you want everything to go smoothly but once you start screaming and throwing tantrums at the most simple mistake or changes, you do not realize but you are spoiling the day for yourself and others. You might say that your sister and best friend is there to handle you but the fact is they are irritated as well and they just want to run away until you are wed. Yes, they would not tell you that but it is a fact.

So, here are few things that every bride to be must know and remember as well.

Get rid of that ‘my day’ syndrome – There is no doubt that it is the best day of your life after all you are getting married to the person you love. But I never understood this my day syndrome that every bride to be is hit with. It is not just your day brides it is also the best day of your groom to be after all it is his wedding too. You cannot be so absorbed in yourself that you forget your family who raised you and is eagerly waiting to see to take the step into a new life. How can you forget your friends who have always been by your side. Basically, it is a celebratory day for you and everyone around you so acknowledge that.

Bridezilla Is Overrated:

Well, I know how movies and TV series have popularized the bridezilla behavior to be natural but the fact is that in real life no one likes of appreciates this behavior. A bride to be might be tensed and emotional but when she tries to keep all the preparation of the wedding in her palms and points out problems in everything then people around her get irritated. Everyone likes a blushing bride as then she is being her sweet self and spreading joy among others as well. So, bride to be’s, if you are tensed try not to become a bridezilla as you might be spoiling the celebration for yourself as well as the people around you.

Weddings Are Costly:

It is a fact that we girls are raised on fairytales and at our wedding that is what we want but keeps the facts in mind, wedding has become very costly these days so creating that fairy tale might come with a hefty cost. Do you really need all those things for a night? Think again before spending. I am certainly not against fairytale weddings but what if you look for ways where you can save as well as get your dream wedding. After all, at the end of the night, it would be you and your husband with a hefty bank balance instead of a busted bank account. Well, I think that is better as it is your new life and you would need a hefty bank balance.

Plan It Out:

Indian weddings happen from the bride’s home, so you might want everything to be as per your taste but just don’t forget that your groom’s choice matters as well so does his parents because both of you are getting married. So while planning takes his choices into consideration as well. Sit with a paper and pen and jot down all the images that you have thought of and ask him his dream wedding idea as well then plan it out accordingly so that none of you feel out of place at your own wedding. Ask the wedding planner to plan the wedding accordingly so that the event showcases both of your true self.

Do Not Whine:

With the wedding date nearing many brides get worked up about their weight, looks and many more thing. Trust me when I tell you that no one likes a whiny bride. Do not be constantly complaining as any one would get irritated hearing how stressed you are about this wedding. The fact is you love the man you are getting married to, no one forced you for the marriage it was you who chose the groom from a matrimonial service in Lucknow, you are even rocking a big rock on your finger thus, you should be happy and excited to start a new life. Well, you can be nostalgic and emotional which everyone will get as it is natural but whining all the time is not a good idea.

These are some of the things that every to be bride must remember so that their friends are not obliged to be by your side rather they do so because they want to.

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