Things Every Bride Expects From Her Groom – Revealed!

every bride expects from her groom

There is no doubt that every bride to be wants a fairytale wedding. She has been dreaming about this day for years. Actually, I must say from the time when she did not even understand the concept of marriage, she has been planning her wedding day. The type of jewelry she would wear, the type of outfit she would choose and all the decorations that would be there during her wedding. It is all pre-planned by her. But the thing is that wedding planning is a stressful job as it is thus there is a chance that she might be a bit cranky at the time.

Be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage, be it a bride whom you found with the help of online matrimonial site or if she is someone whom you fell in love during your college days, well whatever we it there s things that a bride expects from her groom but she would never tell you that. She might say that she does not expect anything but trust me when I tell you that she has a total list of expectations that she would not admit.

Here is that list so that all the grooms to be out there gets a chance to impress their brides to be.

She expects you to accompany her for the wedding shopping – Grooms, shopping might seem easy but in reality, it is not. Shopping is one of the most stressful jobs actually wedding shopping is one of the most stressful jobs because it is not easy to find the perfect outfit with the perfect footwear in the perfect style and color that too at a single place. So, it is an advice that you accompany her as she would like that a lot and help her choose whenever she asks you for it and she will ask you.

Her Choice Should Be Trusted:

I know you might say that it is your wedding day too and you have the right to choose as well, but just tell me one thing wouldn’t you want to marry in the simplest manner if give the choice. I bet you would but your bride has been planning this day for years so, she would not settle for less. So, instead of arguing over it before your wedding why not find a middle ground and trust her choice.

Honeymoon Planning:

A suggestion does not plan to surprise her as she might not like the place that you have decided on. But again do not say out the world map and ask her where she wants to go, she has a lot on her mind and a lot of places that she wants to see but that might not be practically possible so, why not sit down with her and decide what all would you two like to do on honeymoon and then you do your research and give her 2-3 options to choose from. Now, that would be a smart planning without you driving her nuts.

Express Your Feelings:

There is no doubt that a girl goes through a lot of emotions while planning her wedding and the best thing you can do if not be with her always is express your feelings for her. A simple gesture of your love is all she needs to carry on with the wedding planning. A simple I love you or flowers would do the trick. Even technology has made your task easy as now you can just send her some love filed voice notes over WhatsApp to make her day.

Calm And Comfort Her:

even after all the planning that she does there might be some of the other mishaps during any of the wedding function after all it is an Indian wedding and an Indian wedding is incomplete without some solid drama. So, she would be all worked up and at a point where she would turn into a bridezilla. Hence at this point it is your duty to calm her and comfort her as well as assure her that everything would be fine and you would have the perfect wedding.

Go The Old Way:

Love letters never go out of fashion as simple text does not have the feel that a love letter does. A girl always likes such little simple gestures of love. So, why not do them for your bride express all that you have to say in a letter and send it to her on the wedding day make sure it is the first thing that she reads on her wedding day as it would make her day and she would fall in love with you all over again.

These are some of the most simple things that every groom should remember as well as do for his bride as she would never ask these of you but she surely expects it. So make her feel special each day before the wedding just the way you would after your wedding.

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