Things Every Bride Should Decide Before Planning Your Roka!

Things Every Bride Should Decide Before Planning Your Roka!

There are many rituals that take place before the wedding but the first ritual is certainly the Roka ceremony. I know that it is not there is many traditions but it is a very important part of the Punjabi weddings. These days everything can be done online be it finding your partner with the help of the Punjabi matrimonial sites or booking all the party needs. There is no doubt that Roka is the most important ritual as it is acceptance of the couple by the family and also it serves as a social announcement of the impending wedding.

But the Roka ceremony does make the bride nervous as it is the first ceremony of her wedding and she would be meeting many new people from the groom’s family whom she did not meet earlier. There might be another problem and that being maybe her tradition does not have Roka but the groom’s family want to have one and she has no clue about the ceremony. Well, these are very small issues that she might just face but the biggest problem is planning the ceremony.

Well, do not worry as I have some tips for the things that the bride should keep in mind while planning her Roka.

Who Would Be Hosting Decide On That Part :

These days it is not only the bride’s side who plans all the functions of the wedding. Dynamics have changed a lot and people are preferring to plan the wedding together. They are booking venues for the functions and the wedding. But in case you are among those brides who want to plan the Roka ceremony then it is very important that you sit down with your and the groom’s family to decide all the details and who would prefer to host the ceremony.

Arrange For A Family Gathering Which Involves Both The Families:

There is a possibility that you and your parents might not have met all the members of the groom’s family and vise versa. This is the reason why I would suggest that the to be bride must organize a family dinner or lunch before the Roka ceremony with all the family members and close friends so that they know each other and not meet for the first time during the Roka ceremony.

Put A Dot On The Kind Of Event You Want:

You do not want to all over the place with the arrangements as you and your parents do not agree on this basic thing. There is a possibility that you want a simple event but your parents want to celebrate their daughter’s wedding in a lavish way. So, you should sit down with them and decide the kind of even you want and then go ahead with the decoration and venue. Once this is settled then rest of the arrangements become very smooth.

It Is The Best Way To Decide On Vendors For The Other Events:

There are some vendors who do not have samples but you have heard a lot of good things about them. Well, then this is the best time to check their potential as Roka is a small even involving family and friends so if the vendors mess up a bit then you can always apologies with a smile on your face as they are family they won’t mind.But if the vendor ends up impressing you and the others then you can certainly book them for the rest of the events.

Venue The Way You Want:

Your choice of the venue completely depends on how big the event is. If it is a closed homely event, then you can always book something simple and cozy then deck it up in a classy way so that the event looks royal. But if you are having a big, lavish event then you can easily opt for banquet halls or hotel roof top as open-air events with subtle décor is much in trend.

Deck The Halls As The Size:

Decoration for your Roka ceremony must not look out of place by any means, after all, it is the first function for your wedding and you cannot deny the fact that you definitely want the best pictures to go on your social sites. This is the reason you should always deck the halls as per the size. It is very important that the scale of the event and the decorations go hand in hand. Just imagine having a simple homely event but the decoration is too lavish or vise versa now, won’t that look odd. I bet it would so when you decide on the scale, then start deciding on the type of décor you want.

Dress Accordingly:

Roka is not a formal event so; it is the perfect time for you to experiment with looks. You can easily choose something fusion and simple yet classy. You can also experiment with colours like pastel or something that is in this season. This summer you can also opt for something floral for your Roka. Now, won’t that be something new everyone would see rather than those common lehengas and sarees that they are used to?

These simple tips would help you arrange the best Roka ceremony and the one that would get your guest’s hopes up for the wedding.

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