Top Things Bride’s Brother Should Do On Her Wedding

things brides brother should do on her wedding

Relationship of a brother and a sister is very pure in every sense and during the sister’s wedding there are many things that are brother must do not only during the various rituals but also at times when his sister is alone. No sister can deny the fact that her brother is the only person who loves you and irritates you at the same time. They tease you, pull your leg, ridicule you, and also call you names. But they do everything with love and this love blossoms through these little gestures. You might feel that they took birth to drive you crazy, but you also know it for a fact deep in your heart that they are the ones who love you the most.

The bond that a brother and a sister share cannot be replicated by any other relation. They may not show their care and love for you but on your wedding day, it is not possible that they would not show their love. As I mentioned earlier there are many things that a brother has to do during her sister’s wedding but there is a list of things that the bride expects from her brother. Here are those things.

Things Brides Brother Should Do On Her Wedding

Be Her Support:

When a girl is about to get wed, she is filled with various emotions and there is no one who can be her support system other than her brother. This is the only relationship where a girl can share all her feelings without any hesitation as after all her brother has always been her partner in crime.

Be Her Dance Buddy:

During the sangeet there are many performances by the family members and the bride’s friends but an impromptu dance number where the brother pulls his sister to the stage is something that she would remember all her life.

Reach The Venue On Time:

My brother is among those brothers who has to push out of bed all the time. Well, most of you girls might agree with me that your brother is always late. But brother’s make sure you reach the venue on time at least on your sister’s wedding as you do not want to deal with a bridezilla if there is some problem with the arrangement.

Keep Unwanted Guests Away From Her:

There are few guests at every wedding that we wish we would not have invited but again you cannot avoid them completely, but you can do something that will keep your sisters at a good mood. Thinking what is that? Well, keep all those unwanted guests away from her. You do not want her to be cranky on her wedding day.

Check All The Vendors Before The Guests Arrive:

There are chances that some of the other vendors might goof up, so it is always better that you check that before any of the guests or even your sister arrives at the venue so that she does not get all worked up on her own wedding.

Keep Your Parent’s Emotions In Check:

Every parent is a pool of emotions on their daughter’s wedding and no one can manage them except you. Keep in mind that not only they but even your sister is going through many emotions and you would not want your sister to be crying all through her wedding.

Feed Her When Her Mehendi Has Not Dried Up:

On the day of her mehendi, all girls need to be pampered because the bride would not want to spoil her mehendi. So, being her brother, it is your responsibility that you make sure to feed her when her mehendi has not dried up.

Be Her Best Man:

It is a custom in many Indian rituals that the brother has to walk his sister down the aisle well, if it isn’t a ritual still do it for your sister’s happiness as she would want her best man to be by her side on the most important day of her life.

Get The Perfect Click Of Your Two:

Taking pictures with your girl squad, family members, parents as well as the groom is something that you do not forget but what about that brother of yours who is running around just to give you your perfect wedding, well get the best click with him as he is your brother the person you hate and love at the same time.

Keep Your Phone Charged:

You cannot afford to carry a dead phone as you are the one everyone would contact and even your sister. She might need you anytime during her wedding day and if she finds that your phone is switched off she might get paranoid.

Do Not Lose The Joota Chupai Ritual:

Your sister might not say but she secretly wants you to be the one to steal her groom’s shoes and win the Joota chupai ritual after she is your sister how can she see you lose.

So, all the brothers make sure you take care of the above point along with all the rituals that you must be a part of.

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