10 Signs You Are Not Ready to Get Married

All set to get hitched? Was my first question when my friend said that he had registered himself on a matrimonial site. The look on his face said that he was not that sure, but he said he was ready to tie the knot. I overlooked it as maybe he was already getting jitters with the thought of getting wed.Read More

The Importance of Marriage – Why Should You Marry?

While growing up, I’ve always wondered what marriage meant. I would ask every older person around about it and they would come up with the variety of explanations. Some of them would intrigue me, some would bewilder me. After having gathered a lot of theories, what hit upon me was one fact, “the beautiful coming together of two unfamiliar souls”.Read More

Marriage Versus Live In Relationships – Which Is Better?

There was a time when live in relationship is India was considered sin. Though am not saying that this thinking has completely changed but people now a days have become more open to the concept. Living in a big town I usually see couples renting flat and staying together before marriage. I never understood why the rules were so strict earlier as live in relationships has its benefits as well. Staying with the person you love under the same roof helps you to understand his life style and also brings the two of you closer. Read More

Why One Should Create A Matrimonial Profile?

Not everyone dream of being married by 25. But in India if a girl or a guy hits the age of 25 and they are still single, relatives, neighbours and parents start to pressurize you for the same. So, if you have reached the age of 25 and you want to get married but not able to find the right match it is the best idea to get yourself registered on a matrimonial site before all those relatives start coming up with relations from their side.Read More

How to Manage Your Finances After Marriage

Financial matters are the first reason for an argument between the newlyweds. It is very important to figure out how to manage the finances jointly after marriage so that the arguments can be avoided. Finances have always been any fight’s prime reason. And it is not surprising to see that youngsters who have just started earning are not even considering saving this is the sole reason that leads to fights when they get married.
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