5 Spring Wedding Decor Trends to Know

spring wedding decor trends

Wedding season is again here and everyone is busy planning out their spring summer outfit, makeup, and hair but what about the décor, have you thought about it because all those decors that you have seen at winter and summer weddings will not cut out because yours is a spring wedding and you need a wedding décor that is spring specific to your outfit and makeup.

But what about the trend you want to follow that too right. Well, I know that every bride wants their wedding to be a grand affair and Bollywood has amplified that thought even more. These days there are many trends that are being followed during wedding be it for the décor or food. Trend or theme weddings are what we are seeing everywhere so why not you follow the trend of the season and get married in a lavish way that would be remembered by all your guests for days after the wedding.

Here Are Some Of The Spring Wedding Decor Trends That Are Doing Rounds This Year:

A Rustic Décor:

You might not believe it but the simple and rustic themed wedding is really gaining popularity this spring and more and more couples are opting for this as their wedding theme. As this particular theme allows you to play with color and Indian wedding are no doubt full of color. In fact, one of the main highlights of this theme is that it includes the simple earthy tones of the setting, thus allowing you to use ample of bright colors everywhere. For instance, even the bridegroom and the bride can wear opt for brighter shade outfit instead of the pastel shades and the other elements that are used at the wedding such as flowers and props can be colorful too. The best part of this theme is that the options for Indian cuisine can be endless too.

Love Themed Décor:

At their wedding, it is very natural that every couple wants to share their story with the world and what better way to do so than with the help of wedding décor. The theme for your wedding can be love. As that is what got you to this day. You can easily ask your wedding planner to put up all the symbols of your love at various corners of the venue so that it says your story from start to end. It would also be a great way to share your story with the rest of the guest and also inspire other couples. You can use all the bright spring colors for the décor so that it also portrays the that you share with each other.

The Glittery Gold Décor

We Indians have always been quite open about our never fading love for gold but strangely, this is a shade that has never been actually featured at any wedding décor. It might be so that the wedding decorators feel that this shade might just be too jarring when used as a part of the wedding décor but I think that this shade would be perfect for the spring season this season has plenty to celebrate as it is. That does not mean that everything needs to be shimmery and glittery but you can always use the the mute tones of gold as a part of the mini decorations that would look gorgeous when it is paired with shades that range from black to baby pink.

Flower Décor:

The spring season is also called the season of flowers, so a flower themed décor for the weddings of this season has to trend. Flower has always been a very important part of décor at Indian weddings. So, why not continue the trend by decorating the whole wedding with flowers. Be it center pieces or chandeliers. Earlier people just decorated the wall with flowers nowadays the planners are making the whole mandap of flowers or decorating the hall with flower chandeliers instead of the usual glass ones. Won’t it look a dreamy wedding to get married among flowers.

Personal Touch In Decors:

You are having a spring wedding and I feel it is the perfect time to get married not only because the weather is perfect but also because you can choose all kinds of shades for your wedding as every color looks bright in this season. So, why not give your wedding a personal touch. Something that would totally speak out that it is your wedding you can put out a black board with your personal note that would welcome them to your wedding. Wouldn’t it be great to feel special when you read a message from the bride and the groom at the entrance of the wedding venue?

So, are you getting married this march? Why not try out some of these Spring wedding décor idea!

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