Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a silver six pence in her shoe”

This is one of the oldest saying for weddings. But I bet most of you might not be aware of this saying or what it means. Well, there is no doubt that this is the oldest standing wedding tradition and there are many new brides who incorporate this saying in a very unique and beautiful way. But what does it actually mean? Well the first four items of the saying are given to the bride as a symbol of good luck but what about the last part of the saying that brides smartly leave out. The last part is a symbol of prosperity and a new beginning for the bride.

These days, people are opting for modern methods to find their perfect match that is with the help of the matrimonial sites like Sindhi matrimonial sites. But when it comes to wedding they smartly incorporate traditions in to the modern style. Well something similar happened at my friend’s wedding this November. Firstly, she shocked me with the words ‘I am getting married’ in the month of April. It was just out of nowhere that she decided to get married and when I came out of the shock the she reminded me that I had promised her to incorporate this old saying in her wedding.

So, we started to plan her wedding by keeping the first four items in mind because getting a silver six pence was not possible. Indian weddings are very grand, but they are traditional, so it was a sure challenge to inculcate this saying without hurting anyone’s sentiments. You might say that she is a bit superstitious as many say that this saying is all about superstition but according to me it is just love and a little bit of fun.

You must be wondering amidst all this planning did we not think what the guy’s family would think well, the fact is that she met the guy on Kayastha matrimonial sites and the first thing she said after getting to know him was her this idea of hers and he simply loved it. So, here is what we planned of doing with the idea of giving a western touch to a hard-core Bengali wedding.

Something Old:

Incorporating this is not at all a tough deed at Indian wedding because we always have jewelries that has been passed down by generations. Even my friend had a whole box full of gold jewelries that were her grandmothers which were hand down to her by her mother and she was planning to wear them on her wedding day. So, we decided that she would wear all her grandmother’s jewelry for the wedding day and the new ones would be kept for the reception day. So, we were settled with the first part that is ‘something old’.

Something New:

Now what about something new as everything we wear on a wedding day is new so that was again an easy decision to make. Well, not that easy because choosing a wedding outfit is a daunting task. You might like the colour, but it may not go with the décor as it would be a theme wedding. And now if you choose as per the décor you might not like it so finding that common ground made us explore almost 10-12 shops before we settled for one saree. Hence, part two of our adventure was checked that is ‘something new’.

Something Borrowed:

By the time we reached the third part we had reached a road block and had ran out of ideas what to do for the borrowed part. I mean the real question was who even borrows something on their wedding. But we had to because she would not give up and would not settle for the sidelines. So, we started to brainstorm about it. Most of you might just suggest some jewelry but that was already a part of ‘something old’ and we did not want to repeat. But what about shoes. Settled! She borrowed my favorite ethnic shoes for her wedding day. I did not mind after all it was her day. Hence, even ‘something borrowed’ got checked.

Something Blue:

This was the biggest road block that we faced as making blue a part of traditional Bengali wedding came as a big ‘no’ from the family. But we were determined to find something that would be blue but would not hurt their traditional sentiments. While searching for ideas on Google we came across a hair pin that had blue stones embedded on it. That was the only idea that we needed to finish the list. We got her a hairpin that is so in fashion this season with blue stones embedded on it. Thus, the last one ‘something blue’ was checked off the list.

On her wedding day she looked the perfect bride and also a traditional one but who ever asked about blue hairpin she proudly told him her concept. Well, every girl dreams of a kind of wedding and you should always get it because you get married once. And this thing was just a part of a girls dream wedding that I happened to witness and help her fulfill.

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