10 Signs You Are Not Ready to Get Married

signs you are not ready to get married

All set to get hitched? Was my first question when my friend said that he had registered himself on a matrimonial site. The look on his face said that he was not that sure, but he said he was ready to tie the knot. I overlooked it as maybe he was already getting jitters with the thought of getting wed. After all, he was among those guys who would run off by the term commitment and wedding is a commitment for life.

I always wondered that what would he do when it would be his time to tie the knot as he was fickle minded and could not stick to one thing leave alone a person. Most of his breakups happen as he did not want to commit, and he was not sure about himself.  So, this news of his came as a shocker but something that did not shock me was that in a week’s time he took down his profile.

So, if you are in a relationship and planning to pop the question first think for yourself and look for the signs that say you are not ready to get married.

Here Are Some Signs You Are Not Ready To Get Married:

Dreading The Marriage:

Even the thought of spending the rest of your life with a person is giving you chills, making your palms sweaty and raising your heart rate well, trust me you are not ready to get married at all. So, it is better for you to not even think about it as doing something with a half heart will make you sad.

You Like Your Partner, But Do Not Love:

Most people get confused with the word love and like. You might like a person or might like to spend time with them but that does not mean you love that person and you would be able to spend your life with them. So, if you are marrying someone because you like to spend time with them then I would suggest thinking again if you are ready to get married or married to this specific person.

Are You Keeping Secrets:

We all have secrets, don’t we? But if you are not sharing them with your partner then you should give in a thought about getting married because you are not ready. It might sound harsh but is the fact as you would never hide your financial details if you are ready to get married to your partner.

Divorce In No Big Deal:

If you are entering into your marriage with a thought that you can easily get a divorce if things do not turn out as you wish them to, then you are surely not ready to get married.

Difference In Fundamentals:

We all grow up in a way that is different from the other and your morals and beliefs might not be similar but if they do not line up and you are not ready to compromise as well then you are not ready to get married. As this difference and your ego will create all the issues that could not be overcome.

Have Not Been Together For Long:

It is possible that you met your partner over any matchmaking site and you liked them so, decided to get married but remember that it takes a complete year to get over the infatuation stage and then another year to know that person and decide to get married but if you are planning to get married before that maybe you might think you are not ready just before that wedding. This is another sign that you are not ready to get married.

Fighting Over Same Things:

Are you fighting over the same things over and over again? Or do you think that your partner is not listening to you and not even trying to understand and resolve the matter? Well, then you both are not ready to get married as it is the most important quality for marital bliss. A similar issue resurfaces only if you do not find a middle ground and doing so would only make your marriage work.

Getting Married Because Of Your Parents And Society:

Getting married for the right reasons is the sign that you are ready but if you are getting married because you promised your partner that you would or because your parents want you to then you are not ready to get married at all. And you might have the guts to say that because it is very important for you and your partner that you get married for the right reasons.

You Love The Idea Of Who Your Partner Can Be:

If you are getting married with the idea of what your partner can then think again because that is not a right thought as they might be a different person altogether.

You Believe In The Concept Of Open Marriage:

Well, if this is what you believe in and you have not told your partner the same then you must not get married as you are not ready because the first thing about marriage or any long-term relationship is sharing.

These are some signs that scream that you are not ready to get married and you must listen to them before it gets too late.

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