Signs That Will Tell You, That He is The Perfect Guy for You!

signs to tell if he is the guy you should marry

Ask any couple who has been married for more than a decade now, they would tell you that a marriage is not only about love but there are many layers to it and those layers may not be very distinct but that does not mean that there aren’t any. Well, I am a very curious person by nature so while just casually making fun of my friend who recently got married I asked her how is her life after marriage. Her reply was curt and straight it is a journey, I thought I knew him but now am getting to see a new side of him.

Well, I feel this is not new, as I had heard this earlier as well, from my mother and many other members of my family. I believe that life is a journey and a lot changes for both the man and the woman after marriage but I always had one question in my mind aren’t there any signs to tell if he is the guy you should marry? It was my dad who came to my relieve and he told me that there are quit a few signs that scream if he is the guy or not and we should always look out for them.

Well, here are some of the signs that I feel is very easy to spot:

Financial Stability:

This might sound unromantic but it is a fact. Financial stability is very important when you are deciding to get married. I am not saying that you cannot marry someone with low income at the present, I am just saying that you should marry someone who aspires of becoming something in the near future.Do your research whether he has big debts or not as that would be a big no no for marriage. You are no more in school where a few 100 bucks are enough for a perfect date it is about the practicality of life and money talks a lot in real life.

He Is Your Happy Smile:

If he is among those guys who brings a happy smile on your face without any effort, then he’s certainly a keeper. You must always make sure that the person whom you are pledging your life to has a happy spirit and positivity that makes your thoughts positive as well. This is one of the most important qualities that he should have as our lives are as it is filled with ups and downs. Thus, having someone by you to keep your mood positive during all the challenges that life throws at us is very important. If your man is capable of making you smile and lifting your mood, then he is definitely the one you should marry.

Your Life Is Incomplete Without Him:

Before deciding of marrying him you spend a lot of time with him to know him and that is the perfect time to think if he is the one who completes your life as well as compliments you. If the answer to all these questions is yes, then he is definitely the one you should marry as you cannot imagine spending your life without him.

You Have Discussed Your Future:

Be it love marriage or arranged marriage with the help of any Indian matrimonial site. When you start spending time with them and you start discussing your future together these are those little signs that tell you that he is the one. But that is not all you must not only discuss your future you should also work towards the end goal. You might ask that what is the need well, let me tell you we meet new people every day and our thoughts are also changing with these encounters and this is the reason you should discuss stuff like kids and marriage as there are people who do not believe that a piece of paper can define their relation. So, it is very important to discuss so that you are on the same page and you do not regret your decision later on.

Same Taste:

People say that opposites attract, well that is a myth as per me. They attract but only for a time being because opposites are bound to have fought on various matters be it related to decisions or some other matter. For instance, he is the kind of man who loves to stay at home while you love to travel well, you might say you would compromise but for how long would you that, one day you would end up saying that you have been compromising and that would be the spark that would let fire to your happy relation. This is why make sure that you two are on the same page before you decide on getting married.

Once while reading an column in a magazine I came across a question asked to a relationship expert, which said that she is thinking of getting married for the 2nd time and what should she see in her man but the answer was not satisfying as per me so, if you are also looking for a match in Divorce matrimonial site then these pointers would help you find the man who is perfect for you.

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