Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind These 6 Popular Indian Wedding Traditions

scientific reasons behind popular indian wedding traditions

In India, there are various rituals that we follow during a wedding. Be it any cast, region or culture each wedding in India has their own set of rituals and these traditions are fun-filled but still we sometimes hear that they have no significance or any scientific reason behind it and they are just a part of our tradition which we have been following for ages. Some even claim them to be superstitions but, each ritual that we follow during a wedding has a significance which can easily be explained by science.

There are many cultures in India and you might be following any of them or whichever community bride or groom you might be looking for, nowadays internet has made it easy for you as with the help of the internet many community-specific matrimonial sites such as Gupta matrimonial sites. So, finding a life partner these days as per your choice is not difficult anymore. But there are still some rituals that are common among all the cultures in India.

Indians do follow some pre-wedding rituals that are fun to practice as well as observe and it also brings every member of the family a little closer but what if I told you that the rituals that we follow for fun do have scientific reasoning.Most of you might not believe me, well then it is better we look at some of the scientific reasons behind popular Indian wedding traditions.

Scientific Reasons Behind Popular Indian Wedding Traditions

Application Of Mehendi:

The bridal looks for an Indian bride is never considered complete without the application of mehendi (henna) on her hands and feet. In fact, the application of mehendi is a ritual which is observed with a lot of pomp and show. There are some cultures where the mehendi is applied on the hands of the groom as well. Well, most of you might think that application of mehendi is just a mere tradition but it is not as there is a significant reason why mehendi is applied? Most of you are aware of henna’s antiseptic properties but did you know it also has a cooling effect that helps in relieving the wedding stress of the couples?

Application Of Haldi:

Haldi ceremony is a very important ritual of an Indian wedding. The groom or the bride might have been selected from Thakur matrimony but the Haldi ceremony would be observed in their wedding. If we speak about traditions haldi paste is applied on the bride and the groom to keep away evil spirits from causing any harm to the couple. But this is just something our grandparents would say but if we try to look at the logical explanation we would know that haldi has various medicinal properties and it is applied to give the bride and the groom the glow that would make them look more and more attractive on the wedding day.

Donning Bangles:

Bangles, another important ornament for an Indian bride. Well, bangles do not just enhance the beauty of the new bride, but it also has some serious health benefits. Girls, let me ask you, all of you might have heard your mother’s saying that you should wear bangles that fit perfectly well it has nothing to do with rituals, but it is very useful as they apply pressure on certain pressure points on your wrist relieving your wedding stress. And their friction with your skin does improve your blood circulation so, now you know they are not only making you look pretty but also help you stay healthy.

Wearing Sindoor In Hair Partition:

As per Indian tradition wearing sindoor is the symbol of matrimony for every woman, but I have heard the elders saying that the partition between a woman’s hair is soft thus wearing vermilion keeps it covered and protected. Well, according to science this is partially correct. The main reason behind wearing sindoor is because of its contains which is a minute level of metallic mercury that helps to cool down your body and helps you to relax.

Wearing Of Toe Rings:

I have seen in many cultures that it is mandatory for an Indian bride to wear rings on their second toe. Well, once I had asked the reason and I was told that it is a symbol of marriage. But, on doing some research I found out that this tradition also has two amazing scientific reasons. Firstly, there is a nerve in the second toe that is connected to the heart while passing through the uterus. The toe ring worn on that finger makes the uterus stronger and regulates the menstrual cycle. Secondly, these toe rings also conduct the polar energy from the earth to the body, as they are made of silver, which we all know is a good conductor.

The Holy Fire:

The last one is the holy fire. It is said that it is a good sign as Lord of fire helps to keep evil spirit away from the new couple. Well, but the real science behind this ritual is that the fire is a very strong cleanser of its surrounding environment. It also takes away the negative energy and spreads a positivity around. When ingredients, such as wood, ghee, rice, and other herbs are put into the fire during the wedding ceremony, the smoke emanating from it thus becomes an extremely powerful purification agent. It also has a good effect on the health of the people who are present in that very pure ambience. This is beneficial particularly for the couple, as they stand closest to the holy fire.

People say that Indian traditions are mostly based on superstition, but this is a very wrong concept as every tradition that is being followed has a scientific reason behind it so, make sure you look for it before considering any tradition as superstitious.

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  1. Thank you for this lovely blog!! Till now we used to follow all these things just as a tradition, but now once we have cleared with the scientific reason behind it, we can explain it to our next generation too!

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