Sangeet Ceremony In Indian Weddings – How Can You Make It Extravaganza

sangeet ceremony in indian wedding

Indian wedding is filled with many ceremonies and each of them is more colorful and fun-filled than the other. But the one ceremony that the bride and the groom and their friends and family wait for is the sangeet ceremony. Well, even I feel that the sangeet ceremony is one of the best ceremonies as it is the only night when each and every one lets their hair down and they have fun to the brim. The wedding is the best day of your life but before that day arrives all the days must be such that you create the most memories with your family before you start your new life.

Make memories that will last forever and get photos clicked that will make you laugh out loud even after years of marriage. Every girl has some dreams for her wedding day but the girl also plans her sangeet ceremony in a way that it is magical and enchanting. A girl always wishes for an extravagant sangeet just like the ones you see in any Bollywood movie. The décor the food her look everything must be out of a movie scene. I still remember my sister telling me she wants the sangeet ceremony to be like the one they showed in the movie ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani’. I laughed it off but while planning that is what we did because even I liked the idea. Every girl wants such extravagant sangeet but girls did you know you can make your sangeet extravagant by adding some elements to it?

Here Is What You Can Do To Make Your Wedding Sangeet Ceremony Adorable:

Make A Grand Entry:

Everyone enters their sangeet ceremony normally but what if you made a grand entry. Like you can enter dancing or appear within a spotlight while you’re, would be husband waits for you at the bottom of the stairs. Make your entry as grand as possible you can also come in hand in hand with your partner or even as surprise dance performance at the beginning of the sangeet. This would make your guests enjoy the ceremony at once and they would be awed to see both of you look spectacular.

Attractive Venue:

Only thinking about a grand entry is not all for that grand entry to happen to need an extremely attractive venue that would make guests go ‘WOW’. You can always choose some outdoor venue like a garden which you can glitter up with twinkle lights, candles and decorative lanterns that would give your venue a warm feeling and will make the ceremony even more beautiful and romantic for you and your partner.


You can engage your guests by keeping whistles on their table so that along with hooting they can also blow the whistle and clap for all the performances done by your family and friends. This little thing will lift up the energy of the whole ceremony and they would participate in your happiness as well. The more the energy the more extravagant your sangeet ceremony becomes and the more memories you make.

Be Comfortable:

Remember that you can only enjoy any ceremony when you are comfortable. So while choosing your outfit make sure to choose something in which you are comfortable. Wearing a beautiful but heavy outfit may make you look beautiful but it may not keep you as comfortable as you would be in any other outfit that is less heavy. Nowadays I have seen most brides opting for an Indo-western look as the look is classy as well as comfortable. You can dance as much as you want in those clothes yet you will look breathtaking each time.

Photo Booth:

A new concept that every wedding has nowadays. Be it during the wedding ceremony of sangeet ceremony you can easily spot a photo booth in the weddings these days. Well, I feel it is a really entertaining concept as getting clicked in unique and funny way is now in trend everyone wants a candid shot on their wedding but they also want something that would make them smile years later and for that you can easily go with the photo booth concept as that would give you pictures that would hold some of the best memories.

Surprise Dance:

I had been to a wedding where the bride gave a surprise dance performance on her Haldi ceremony why not you do the same but for your sangeet. You always love surprises so this time give one to your partner with a beautiful performance from your end that you would dedicate to your partner or it can also be something that would remind him of all the time you too have spent together.

Keep A Theme:

You might be planning for a theme wedding then why not keep a theme for your sangeet as well. There are many themes that you can go with starting with a colored theme to retro. My friend had selected her groom from a Khatri matrimonial sites and so she decided to make her sangeet a traditional one as her in-laws were traditional in nature and the night turned out to be a night to remember.

Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged one you can always make your sangeet special with these little elements. They will make your guest say ‘OMG’ when they enter and they will have a smile on their face and a lot of memories in their heart when they leave.

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