Responsibilities Of The Maid Of Honor At An Indian Wedding

responsibilities of the maid of honor

It is a fact that the concept of having a ‘Maid of Honor’ for your wedding is very Western, but these days most Indian brides are choosing to follow this trend. Most of you might ask who is a‘Maid of Honor’ actually, well she is the bride’s chief attendant and it is actually a privilege to be appointed as a ‘Maid of Honour’ at a wedding. It is usually the bride who selects her ‘Maid of Honor’ and she usually selects her closest friend or her sister. With the name we can guess that she is typically unmarried but incase she is married, she is called the ‘Matron of Honor’. On her wedding day, the bride depends on the ‘Maid of Honor’ for many things starting with her pre-wedding planning stages to her post-wedding planning.

But if you ask me a Maid of Honor’s true responsibility is to keep the bride from freaking out on her wedding day. You may wonder why would she freak out on the best day of her life. Well, every bride is practically a bridezilla on her wedding day. She is scared as she would be starting a new life and then everyone around her in simply freaking with the thought of her leaving. Isn’t these reasons enough for her to freak out.

I remember my sister on her wedding day was actually screaming on everyone around her as she was worried about her new family she would be going into because she did not know even her in-laws properly as it was an arranged marriage. So, me being her maid of honor had to take up the responsibility to keep her calm so that she does not take any stupid step.

Well, Coming To The Responsibilities Of The Maid Of Honor; Here Are Some Of Them:

Timeline Of All The Functions:

I know how every bride has butterfly of worry and happiness in the stomach on the day of their wedding but yet you should make sure that you inform your maid of honor the detailed schedule of the wedding functions. As you would need her to be with you right from the beginning until the end, it would also become easy for your maid of honor to keep herself available when you give them each and every detail such as, the time you would leave for your makeup, what time you have to reach the venue, etc.

What To Pack:

If your bridesmaids as well as your maid of honor is coming from another town for your wedding make sure you inform them what to pack and what not to. During a wedding, the family always expects you to be dressed in traditional wear from the morning itself so inform them that as if you don’t they might just be at a tight spot on their arrival.

List Of All Phone Numbers:

It is not possible that you keep track of the stylist, makeup artist etc. on your wedding day so, you need to give their numbers to your maid of honor so, that she makes sure that everything is smooth and on time. And if you do not do that you may end up being all tensed as someone did not arrive on time. Thus, inform your maid of honor before hand so that she can take care of her responsibility to make you the perfect bride efficiently.

Days You Want Them Only For Yourself:

If your best friend is your maid of honor it is very obvious that you would want her to go for the wedding shopping with you or accompany you to the parlor. Thus, it is very important that you inform her about her responsibility of being there with you for those particular days. Why? well, she is your best friend and your maid of honor so, she has to take care of other wedding arrangements as well so, informing her would make her work easy and she could just keep those days completely free for you.

Dress Code For Your Bride Maids:

It is not a very Indian concept but you never know what the bride is thinking for her wedding day, so, make it a point to ask her if she wants a dress code for her bridesmaids so that they can take all girls picture for the day which is quite a trend these days. It is the maid of honor’s responsibility to make sure all the other bridesmaids are notified of the same.

So, now you know why I said that a bride maids real job it to keep the bride from freaking out as if any of these things are not done as per the bride she is bound to freak out and then it would become a trouble for everyone as a bride becoming a bridezilla is not a happy scene.

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