Some Soft Ways To Tell Him That “You Care”

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It is a well known fact that men and women often differ on certain basic things. For instance, men are by nature more impulsive whereas women tend to analyze things a lot; men and more visual whereas women are more verbal. Therefore, it is no surprise that what might work to impress a woman may have hardly much impact on men. So if you are looking for ways to impress your man, then you should learn about the ways in which you can make your man respond the most. Read on to find out how you can show him that you truly care.

  • Traditionally, women are more efficient at multitasking whereas men tend to do only one thing at a single time, filtering out all the other stimuli. Therefore, when you are with your man, make sure that you give him undivided attention as it tells him that he is really more important to you. Avoid distractions and interruptions such as phone calls or other priorities as they may tell him that he is really not all that important to you.
  • Men and their brains have always responded to visual cues much more than those of women. Therefore, by dressing up for him, you give him the impression that you want to look great for him. This naturally makes him feel wanted and desired. You can also try out different kinds of looks to see what works best for him. It has been found that red dresses always work great for men as they find a lady dressed in red irresistible.
  • Men are also hardcore lovers of food and you can certainly cook his favorite meal for him to make him feel special. By demonstrating to him that you know about his favorite food without actually asking him, you can show that you know a lot about him. If your husband or partner loves most of the food preparations that you cook for him, you can always try out the sweet ones as they tend to make men feel more aroused than any other scents.
  • As a woman, you should take special care for yourself at all times, since it shows your man that you also care for him and want to enjoy a long life with him. Therefore start doing all that you need to do to lose those extra kilos. Also make sure that you eat right, quit smoking, exercise regularly and pamper your body and mind in the right way so that it gets all the necessary stimuli for a happy and fruitful existence.
  • Men also love women who tend to think like men. This shows them that their woman truly understands their needs. While it is true that women will still be women, it always helps if you see yourself in their shoes once in a while and try to understand what they love to do and why they love to do it. You can always encourage your man to have some quality time with himself. This may include relaxing with his friends, working on the car, playing video games, reading books, listening to music, going out for a walk with his dog or simply sleeping in. Men may not always be forthright with what they want. In such cases, you should show him that you are ready to provide him with the freedom that he requires.
  • A great way to say that you care for your man would be to ask for his advice. It is a well known fact that men feel important when they are relied on for being a problem solver. Showing that you depend on him can work wonders for his self esteem.   

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