Wedding Reception – The Bride Introduction Ceremony In Indian Wedding

reception ceremony in indian wedding

Wedding in India is one of the most extravagant affairs that is marked by great pomp and gaiety. There is a riot of rituals and customs that are observed in any Indian wedding ceremony. These customs are not only practiced on the day of the wedding, but they extend beyond that and continues even after the wedding day. Indian wedding rituals start 2-3 days before the wedding and end 2-3 days after the wedding day. Well, the hangover is there for a week though. And one of this extravagant celebration is the wedding reception ceremony in India.

India is a diverse land of culture and traditions so the ceremonies in Indian wedding might differ from region to region and community to community but the one celebration that is constant in every community or culture is the wedding reception. Well, if we speak of customs then as per the Indian custom all the wedding preparations are done by the bride’s family but this is the only ritual that is observed at the groom’s place. This day also marks the first day when the bride and the groom come in front of the society as a couple. The bride meets the associates of her in-laws and learns of the society that her husband belongs to.

When you attend a reception ceremony in Indian wedding all you are concerned about is the food. Well, it is noteworthy that the thing that attracts us about wedding celebrations is the sumptuous food spread. When we get a wedding invite the first thing we think about is all the varieties of food that would be served. But the thing that we forget that the reception is the day to bless the newlyweds and have a little fun with them. This is also a celebration time for both the families as they are rejoicing over their new accord.

The wedding reception ceremony is also an opportunity for the bride to meet and know all the acquaintances of the groom’s family. This is also the day and the time when the bride would present herself as an important member of her new family. Reception ceremonies are arranged from the groom’s side in a grand way to announce to the world that they have a new member and they celebrate her arrival. It is also an extension of the marriage celebrations but in a more casual fashion. Nowadays a reception party does not only mean lavish food spread but also beautiful and opulent décor.

The extravagant or the theme based décor that is so highly popular nowadays makes the place looks mesmerizing and majestic and the lavish cuisine simply spices up the entire ambiance of the reception party. Well, it might not come as a surprise that unlike all the other ceremonies, the wedding reception does not encompass of any customs and rituals. It is just a way that the groom’s community welcomes the bride with open arms.

The wedding reception is a jovial affair and the party is dominated by good music and nonstop dancing by the guests. As westernization is taking over the Indian community nowadays reception party is also when the couple dance for the first time after their wedding. You might have heard of the phrase the first dance of the new couple in many Hollywood movies but now you can even see that beautiful moment happening during an Indian wedding ritual as well.

Nowadays, most of the parents opt for community matrimonial site like Jain matrimonial sites to find a suitable match for their kids. Similarly, most wedding receptions are held in open spaces such as a garden, courtyard, farmhouses, and so on. Well, the stage is set up at one end of the venue, while the food zone is set up at the other end.

The stage at the wedding reception venue is adorned with exquisite and magnificent decorations, these days the stage is even decorated as per the theme of the reception like the Bollywood theme or Rajasthani. During the decoration, flowers are the most common choice. Red roses, orchids, and carnations usually steal the show. A different bunch of flowers is arranged in a way that it adds on to the essence and feel to the party.

Apart from flowers, variously textured cloth like bandhni and net are used to decorate, even balloons, gold tissues and diyas or candles make great choices. As for the dining area, it is very well arranged and is sometimes lit up with just candles and diyas or just twinkle lights as it gives a beautiful feeling to the place. Every cuisine that is prepared is given proper visibility so that the guests and easily see what the dish is.

Nowadays, the reception ceremony is one of the grand affairs that includes a lot of majestic entertainment elements. The high-class society adds flamboyance and ostentations to the reception party, by hiring dance and music performers. Well, in short, the way the reception party will be celebrated, decorated and types of entertainment that would be included, totally dependents on the taste and preference of the groom’s family. Whatever be their choice, the main essence of the party is to make the new bride feel comfortable and provides an occasion for people who could not make it to the wedding ceremony to meet the newlyweds.

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