7 Tempting Reasons Why Getting Married In Early 20s Is A Smart Decision

why getting married early 20s is a smart decision

Marriage – the most beautiful phase of life! But what is the average age of getting married? The late 20s or early 30s they say, but hey getting hitched at young isn’t a bad idea at all. In fact, there are numerous reasons as to why getting married in early 20s is a smart decision.

So, Here Are The 7 Reasons Why Getting Married Early Is A Smart Decision:

1. Younger And Happier:

Excuses like “taking time to find yourself” or “not in an ideal financial situation” are a thing of past because being real – in the realm of ‘life’, we are continuously finding ourselves! So there is no necessity of being prepared for marriage as one can never be prepared for it whether you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s. The only time that is right for getting married is when you have found your prince charming or your dream girl because at the end it’s about spending beautiful moments of your life with the one you love.

2. More Of Quality Time:

Young couples usually don’t undergo the pressure of stepping into parenthood right after marriage. In fact, they get to spend a lot of quality time together and enjoy their lives rather than worrying about things like family planning and saving money for the future. You can see the world together and live the life the way you want it.

3. More Flexible And Friendly To Each Other:

It’s always better to be a better friend and a companion that a husband or a wife. This will help you to understand each other well and be open to compromise. Therefore, you are likely to be more compatible than the couples who get married late.

4. More Intimacy:

In this time you will experience the beautiful moments of cuddle and cozy lovemaking with your partner more frequently as compared to those who get married late. It definitely will help you to feel strongly connected with your partner physically as well as emotionally. Moreover, with no pressure of having kids just right after your marriage, there would be enough time to thoroughly enjoy the time with each other. Also, research shows that after having kids, the couples usually experience a fall in their lovemaking activities due to reasons like lack of time, low energy etc.

5. More Milestones To Celebrate:

Achieving every milestone together is the best feeling you can have as a couple, be it parenthood, buying your first car, moving into your own home or getting successful in a career. You’ll get to celebrate all the happiness and experiences with your partner. As the years will pass, the bond between two will grow stronger and deeper and you will have many stories to share and tell.

6. Great As Parents:

In order to be a healthy parent, mid-twenties is considered to be a perfect age for any woman to conceive. Unfortunately, the fertility rate of the woman starts to drop around 27 and after 35, they drop at a higher rate. So getting married in the early 20s gives you a better opportunity to conceive. Furthermore, spending so much time together, couples are expected to share a really strong bond with each other. This level of understanding between the two is a major factor in being a great parent. On the other hand, you will be able to spend more time with the child even when you are burdened with the financial well-being and of your own health. In addition to that, seeing your child becoming independent before you retire would be a great achievement.

7. A Second Chance:

If at all things go wrong in the marriage, younger couples get a moderately better chance to bring things back on track. Since they have already shared many ups and downs in their relationship, it would be easier for them to cope up with the breakup and be able to handle each other during the tough time. Never rush into things as most couples at later age decide to get separated and start to look out for partners on divorce matrimony sites. Couples of younger age get the opportunity of having a better second chance.

From the above reasons, it should be pretty clear as to why getting married in the early 20s is a smart decision. So, for a ‘happily ever after’ do not wait for right age instead search for the right partner. Enter into a new phase with love and passion as it is the most adventurous phase of life. Many cities have personalized match-making sites like the matrimonial services in Lucknow and in Agra. Find the matrimonial services in your city and get hitched to the perfect match. Surely, early age marriage is a recipe for a successful life. But above all the correct match matters. Take time and find one with ease through the latest match making gateways.

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