Questions You Can Ask Your Partner During Courtship

questions you can ask your partner during courtship

I am sure that none of you would deny the fact courtship period is one of the most romantic and cherished period in any couple’s life mainly if the couple met through a online matchmaking site like best Jain matrimonial sites. It is an arranged marriage set up and I know that most of you want to make most of the courtship period and know more about each other but in every relation be it arranged or love there is a period where you do not find any topic to speak on.

But before that talking to someone whom you have met just few months back is easier said than done. I would not say that it is the same for everyone but yes it is difficult for people who are shy and cannot open up easily. And these people tend to be the listener in the couple. But this should not be the case as it is very important that both the person should communicate and know the most about each other so that they do not get shocks after they are married.

But if both of them are conversing then there is another problem that usually creeps up and that is what to speak about. You generally discuss all the important topics before you decide to get engaged to each other but what about after that. It is a very normal to call each day but what I have seen couples talk about is what they did the whole day or what they ate for dinner or lunch. Well, these would not help you build your relation so it is very important that you talk about something that has value.

Here are few questions that you can discuss on the initial days of your relation:

Discuss About Your Childhood:

You have met in an arranged marriage setting so it is very obvious that you nothing about each others childhood so, discuss that. You can talk about all that you have dreamt of and aspired as a kid. You can also tell each other about your first crush that would keep the conversation light and friendly. But something that I would suggest you to tell each other is your bucket list as that is something every person wants to fulfill at some point of their life.

Discuss Your Family:

It is very important that you know about each of the family member before getting married so that you know how to converse with them once you go to your new family. You should also get to know all their habits along with their likes and dislikes so, that you do not do any thing which might hurt their feelings as you do not want to start your new life on a bad note. It is said that in India for a girl it is very important to keep her in-laws happy and satisfied well, I would say that it is same for the boy as well because marriage is not the joining of 2 people rather it is the joining of 2 families and societies.

Discuss Each Other’s Pastime:

After talking for about a month or two it is obvious that you know your partner’s routine and meeting him or her frequently gives you the idea of their lifestyle but what about their hobbies that they prefer to do in their me time. It is very important that you know that as that is what makes your partner’s personality. It is possible that you are a movie buff and love to spend all your free time watching movies but that does not mean that your partner might like the same thing this is why it is important that you know what your partner likes to do in their free time so that even if you do not have the same choices you would learn to respect it.

If They Like To Travel Or Not:

Everyone do not like to travel. You might be a traveler and would love taking backpack trips whenever you get a chance but that does not mean that you partner likes it. He or she might be a homely person who likes to stay at home and relax. Thus, you must discuss that too so, that you do not end up arguing about the same after your marriage.

Discuss Your Food Taste:

I have seen my parents fighting over cuisines a lot but then they end up laughing over the same but again they have spent 28 years together so, now they are well aware of each other’s taste but yet they argue. These days it is not like you cannot talk to your fiancé or meet him or her. You can do that very easily and this is why you should discuss your choice in food so that you do not face any awkward situation later on.

These are some of the most common questions that you can discuss during your courtship rather than saying ‘aur batao’.

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