10 Important Qualities To Look For In Your Future Husband

Qualities To Look For In Future Husband

It is me or you, all we girls are technically the same when it is about finding a man for ourselves. From our very childhood, we see just one perfect male and that is our fathers. And as we all know the fact that ‘daughters are their father’s princess’. We have always seen our father be the perfect husband, father and even a good human being at the same time. These are the same things that we want to see in our husband as well. Since childhood, I have dreamt of a man who would be exactly like my father, would be everyone’s favorite as well as a perfect husband.

I have heard many guys saying that if their wife earns more than them it would hurt their ego. Well, this was not the scenario at my house because my mom technically earns more than my dad and he is proud to say that. This is one of the things that I have always wanted my man to have. Then again this might not be one of your criteria in your perfect man. That does not mean that you do not have a checklist of qualities to look for in your future husband prepared when you search for your groom. I bet you have.

Here Is A List Of Qualities To Look For In Future Husband:

Shares The Same Beliefs And Values Like You:

It is very important that your future husband shares the same religious beliefs as you and respect your values. People might say that this does not matter much but if you ask me, I would say that it is important as you cannot build a future if you have no idea where the both of you stand today. And another thing that brings any couple close is their religious belief that is the reason why you should also look into it.


Most of the relationships break due to lies, no matter what kind or how small or big the lie might be, a lie is a lie. Make sure that you choose someone who is honest; as if he is not honest with himself and you then it is not a risk worth taking. I always felt that if my man can’t be honest with himself or accept his own weakness, he can never be honest with me.

Sense Of Humor:

“When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade”, this is one of the most common quotes that we see everywhere. Well, it is also applicable to life as our lives are filled with ups and downs and having a person by our side with a great sense of humor would just getting through them easier. Thus, having a good sense of humor is important.

Financial Stability:

It is quite sad to say that any good marriage can touch the ruins due to money problems. So, it is very important that your future husband must be financially stable so that your marriage gets a strong base.


The one quality that every girl looks for in her future husband is selflessness. Why? Because that is what she has seen. She has seen her father put her and her mother before him. And trust me the one who can do that is the man who will always treat you right. So, this is another very important quality.

Hard Working:

People usually say that any relationship is a hard work, well it is. If you ask me, it is not a cake walk. And having a man by your side who have the never give up quality however hard the situation gets that is the man who values you and your relationship. Thus, hardworking is the other quality.


A man who shows modesty and pity is another sign of selflessness. A person who is modest and humble is the one who is steady and wise with their relationship and that is the person who you can depend on or make your pillar.


Yes, this is certainly an essential quality. Well, it might not necessarily be the “college degree” type of intelligence as everyone can have that, but the kind of intelligence where your man can help you in making better choices and also give you insightful advice that would help you grow.

Accept Your Flaws:

We know that we are not perfect, well no one is. We came to this world with our imperfections, but again that is what sets us apart from the others. This is what makes you unique as a person. If the man with you has that mindset, then he would never put you down or try to change you, but rather would accept and appreciate what you as you are.

Respects Others:

The man who respects oneself would respect you and your family. Not only that he would also inculcate this quality in your children and make sure that he watches what he says.

This is my list of qualities that I want to see in my man. Well, most of you can relate to them and if you are looking for a Jain grooms, Kayastha groom or any other caste you must make sure that they possess at least these qualities among the others that you want.

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