Sacred Rituals of a Hindu Punjabi Wedding That Will Leave You Mesmerised

punjabi hindu wedding rituals

India is a land of culture and colors. The variety of culture is so intense that it would bewilder one to go crazy! The fun factor is very much included in pretty much all areas of life but when it’s about the wedding, boy! do they know how to celebrate with massive energy and zeal. It won’t be unusual for one to see ladies in designer lehengas and heavily embroidered sarees.  From pretty girls in those adorable ethnic wear, exhibiting their impeccable dancing skills to aunts showing off their dangerous musical talents, there’s nothing that you’d want to miss. Their events are mostly all about light, love, colour, giggles, dancing, songs, gossip and booze!

The wedding takes place in many steps and that involves many rituals right from the beginning. Here we are going to tell you everything about the Punjabi Hindu wedding rituals.

Punjabi Hindu Wedding Rituals

Roka And Thaka

The first ritual in the long list of Punjabi Hindu wedding rituals is Roka. Roka marks the beginning of the whole wedding process. The ritual begins with chanting a prayer known as “Ardas” where they worship the God and ask for his blessings. Bride’s family visits the groom’s place with tons of presents like sweets, dry fruits, clothing etc and offer their blessings to the groom.

In Thaka, both the groom and the bride are present. The bride is presented with sweets, jewellery, cash, dry fruits etc by the groom’s family. The couple is fed with sweets. Of late, Roka and Thaka are conducted on the same day. The families usually decide how the event would go, and it is organised as per their convenience. Although, lately with the advancement of technology, the prospects can find a suitable match with the help of Punjabi matrimonial sites and take the relation further.


Mangni or sagai is where the family makes a formal announcement that the couple is engaged. Gifts are exchanged between the families. A grand party is thrown by both the families.  After all, it’s a Punjabi wedding!

Shagun And Chunni Chadhai

In chunni chadhai, the bride is presented with the wedding dress by the ladies of the groom’s family along with beautiful jewelleries, fruits, sweets, mawa etc. The gifts are wrapped in chunni which is basically a headscarf.

The most emotional part of the ceremony is when the mother in law helps her wear the bangles that are basically family heirlooms.

Ladies Sangeet

Ladies’ Sangeet is basically the Indian version of the western bachelorette party when the ladies get together and have a bash. Again, in a very Indian way. The ladies present at the event indulge themselves in eating snacks, gossiping, teasing the bride. But, most importantly, this event is all about singing, dancing, and merrymaking.

Mehendi Ceremony

I mean it’s an Indian wedding and how can henna not be a part of the whole process?  Although, speaking of Punjabi wedding, a professional artist is usually called upon the event for fine artistic designs. Here, the bride and her sisters and other female members extend their arms to have them designed. Moments like these capture the real emotions of the family.

Haldi Ceremony

Haldi ceremony is adorable and symbolic. A paste is made from the mixture of sandalwood, rosewater, mustard oil, and turmeric, of course! The mixture is put on the visible parts of the bride’s body and she usually sits facing the diyas. The message behind this act is that diyas shall always provide her love and light. Although, scientifically, the paste is highly beneficial for the skin and it gives radiance and shine to the face.

Not just the bride but the groom’s family also performs the similar ritual and the act there holds the similar meaning as well.

Chooda Chadhana

Chooda chadhana is a sensitive ceremony that depicts the sweet bond between the oldest maternal uncle and the bride. The ceremony requires the uncle to present a set of 21 bangles to the bride in the colour red and white. Kind of interesting, isn’t it? And it doesn’t end there. The set of bangles are soaked in the milk to purify it and while the uncle helps her wear them, the bride is showered with rose petals. Although, her face is covered at the time of this act.

Seherabandi And Ghudchadai

So, this is an all groom ritual. In Seherabandi, the sisters tie the sehra on his turban and gear up for the wedding. In ghudchadai, he climbs the ghodi.

The Wedding Day

On the wedding day, the bride and the groom perform the Varmala ritual where they exchange garlands on the wedding stage. Varmala ritual is followed by Kanyadaan where the bride is given away by her parents. It’s a sentimental moment for her parents. Then comes Phera where the couple would encircle the fire at least four times. The message behind the act is that the couple would be with each other’s side forever. The Punjabi Hindu wedding rituals is concluded by Vidaai where the bride takes a handful of rice and throws upon her shoulders as an act of gratitude towards her parents.


The reception as we all know is a grand party thrown by the family as a formal announcement that the newlyweds are now one. And that both families are related.

That’s pretty much the end of a Punjabi wedding. It’s remarkable how much our sentiment and ideas are wrapped around each ceremony and everyone is so thrilled about every step of the way till the end of the wedding!

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