Pros & Cons Of Winter Wedding If You have Or Will Get Married In Winters

pros & cons of winter wedding

I have been attending weddings back to back this year that too from the month of November. There is no doubt that winter came in early this year and more and more people around me got married. Well, but there is another thing that I usually notice among the to be wed couples that when they have to select the dates for a wedding they are all confused and lost about it. Yes, it is a daunting decision to make no doubt but in India, you get very limited choice, so it is not just daunting it’s like a total circus.

Well, whatever be the scenario when it comes to auspicious dates our families are very particular, so our choice is among the summer dates or the winter ones. We, rarely choose the summer ones because of the heat and all the problems that it would bring with itself during a wedding. And an Indian wedding is not a simple one it is a big fat one with a number of ceremonies and a lot of dress up. But what about the winter dates? They are the most preferred ones. Why? Well, here are some of the pros & cons of winter wedding.

Pros & Cons Of Winter Wedding:



Winters in India is very beautiful. Whether you yourself are the bride or the groom or just a random wedding guest, you can easily don up all those gorgeous outfits of yours and even put on makeup without fearing that within minutes sweat will start trickling down your skin and would destroy it all. The climate has a cool tinge which is very comfortable, and everyone can actually enjoy the wedding without worrying about heat all the while.

Theme Options:

These days, theme weddings are trending, and everyone wants to catch on with the trend. And during the winters the option for a theme just widens. You can very easily opt for a park, beach, or backyard wedding, with nature all around you or just simply to use it as a colorful backdrop. You can easily get creative with wedding venues as well as decor during the winter days, whether it is a daytime wedding or a nighttime celebration.

Wear Velvet Or Silk Freely:

Winter wedding is the perfect time to bring out that rich silk and velvet wears that you own. Whether you are getting married or might be just attending one, you can freely explore and experiment with all the royal fabrics and heavy embroideries. It is not only one of the perfect way to save yourself from that chilly weather and be stylish at the same time, but you can also don them freely without being worried about heat and sweat.


Higher Booking Rates:

Winter wedding is quite popular in India! Well, almost all weddings in India happen during this time of the year, thus all then vendors tend to get booked pretty fast. You would have to book in many advances if you want to get the venue that you want, and even if you finally get that dream venue of yours, you would have to pay a lot more, as all the vendors have a tendency to raise their prices during such a busy season because of the high demand. Popular spots that are known for its look and feel, are sometimes even reserved 6-12 months in advance!

Those Additional Bills:

Apart from paying a hiked-up price for the venue itself, you might have to set up yourself for some of those extra bills that would come because of the weather as you would have to ensure that all your guests stay warm during the wedding. Thus, you would have to make arrangements for warm shawls, angeethis, heaters or you might have to just shift your wedding indoors so that your guests are not cold. Well, these are just some of the things that you might want to think over before you settle for a winter wedding.

Might Just Face A Bad Weather:

In most of the parts of India, there is a possibility of severe cold as we start to roll into the winter months. If the weather conditions on your wedding day are extreme cold then, there are chances that your guests might not just turn up at the venue which would lead to wastage of food as well as money for all the extra arrangements.

No Backless Or Sleeveless:

Ladies, if you are among them who love to showcase their perfect arms, flat bellies, and spotless backs in all those stylists and short as well as backless cholis, then you might just want to re-think before opting the winter season to get married or even attend one. Well, there is a chance that you might brave the chill with that fashion determination of yours, but would you be able to sustain that perfect smile all night long? I have my doubts!

So, whether while talking over to your perfect match on the Agrawal matrimonial sites chat room you have mentioned that you love winter weddings but when you choose your wedding date be smart and choose a date where you can be tension free as wedding as it is would bring in pressure you certainly do not want to burden yourself with the burden of the weather but again if you want a winter wedding at any cost just keep the above points in mind it would be helpful.

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