Pre Wedding Rituals In Agarwal Community – A Glimpse Into Agarwal Weddings

pre wedding rituals in agarwal community

Weddings are the celebrations that bring everyone together. The wave of love and nostalgia is all over the place. I personally love this concept because the excitement and the rush just make everything so fascinating. Here we are going to talk about the pre wedding rituals in Agarwal community.

Just so you know, Agarwal community is the sub cultural group found throughout Northern India, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Agarwals are generally involved in trade and commerce. They’re known for their sharp business skills. Popular surnames like Gupta, Mittal, Jindal etc. fall under the category.

When it comes to a wedding, you’ll find them filled them with tremendously excited. I mean it’s wedding! But the Agarwal’s style is differently breath-taking. From the gorgeous designer lehenga, glittery accessories to soothing folk songs by the elderly women would make one marvel. This Hindu Baniya Caste has a style of its own. Here we go!

Pre Wedding Rituals In Agarwal Community

Mudha Tika

Mudha Tika is the ritual that marks the alliance between the bride and the groom. The family of the groom visits the bride’s place with sweets, dry fruits, and rice.

God Bharai

This ritual is adorable on its own. What happens is that the sisters of the groom come with sweets and clothing’s for the bride. A little bit difference is that they place the toys on the lap of the would-be-bride and wish her to be a healthy mother in future.


Sangeet ceremony is the musical program where the ladies come together for singing and dancing. “Dholak” is a very important instrument here. The ladies indulge in delicious food items, gossips, giggles. What’s a wedding if you can’t let your hair down!


This is the ritual that is conducted ten days before the wedding. Ganesh is the main deity here. According to the Hindu tradition, Lord Ganesha shields people from negativity. So, the idea is to protect the prospects from harm’s way!


Bhaat ceremony is a notable ceremony where the mama or the maternal uncle plays a significant role. As per the tradition, the mother of the bride invites her brother for the Bhaat, which is principally a meal consisting rice, lentils, and sugar. Upon invitation, the maternal uncle bestows lavish gifts to the bride. Enticing, isn’t it?

Tel Baan And Haldi

This ritual is managed by ladies on both sides where they prepare the bride and the groom, in their respective places, of course, for the forthcoming event.

So here a paste is made from herbs, mustard oil, milk curd and turmeric on the face of the bride and groom as well. The paste is said to be providing glow and radiance to the face of the bride and the groom.


Mehendi ceremony is highly delightful event for the ladies. The bride gets her arms designed by a professional henna artist. Since henna gets us women so buzzed, the other ladies extend their arms forward, as well, to get them designed.

With that, we reach the end of pre- wedding ceremony. The celebration by the Agarwal community would leave anybody astonished. Its mind boggling to observe how much sweat goes into the whole process right from the rise of desire to seek the prospect.

Although these days matrimonial sites for Agarwal help the families a lot in looking for suitable prospect. Weddings are breath-taking events that touch the heart of everyone!

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