Best Places For Pre Wedding Shoot In India

best places for pre wedding shoot in india

As my friend’s wedding date is nearing she is not tensed about the wedding but about the pre wedding shoot. Yes, pre wedding shoots have not only become very popular these days but some exclusive pre wedding shoots that we see of our peers is also making the others competitive. Everyone wants their photo shoot to be the best. I always felt this photo shoot to be useless as it is just waste of money. But my friend had a different perception and her perception is not only sweet but also romantic. Well she found her Mr. Perfect while browsing through a matrimonial sites for Agarwal and after meeting him once she felt connected and eventually fell in love.

While speaking about her pre wedding shoot plans she beamingly told me that for her a pre wedding shoot is that transition period for the couple where they are just progressing from being committed to each other to being committed to each other for the whole world. When their experience of a long and beautiful courtship nears a beautiful end and it is right before the union of the couple is acknowledged by the World. A pre-wedding shoot is actually a reflection of many different factors which includes a bride’s nervousness, the couple’s comfort level, the fun and romance that they fill in each other’s lives and most importantly how colorful and adventures they are about to make their upcoming journey while holding each other’s hand and holding each other close to their heart.

When I heard this perception the only this I could tell her was that this perception is very different from all the perceptions that I have heard all this while. And then when she asked me best places for pre wedding shoot, I could not help myself and told her a list of places that I always found very romantic and would be best for them too.

Here Are Some Of The Best Places For Pre Wedding Shoot In India

Jadhavgadh Fort:

As I know the couple well enough and I knew that they always connected through historical places and they prefer going to historical places more than any beach or resort and that is the sole reason I suggested Jadhavgadh Fort to them. Jadhavgadh fort is quite a famous photo shoot spot in the state of Maharashtra. This fort is in Pune and has been converted into hotel. The whole place quite a rustic feel to it. The couples who would like to give a slightly ancient look to the shoot for them Jadhavgadh Fort is the perfect choice.

National Rail Museum:

I suggested this place as it has a very classy feel to it and my friend and her would be husband would enjoy the shoot there. This place is in Delhi and it is a very unconventional spot. You can get the 80’s feel in your shoot or you can contrast it with the modern look. The pictures would be very metaphoric. You might ask how well, your love will be the metaphor of how a train passes through different stations to reach its destination, similarly you as a couple have managed to cross various obstacles to get to the final step of marriage.


This was my first choice of place for them as Mussoorie was the place they went for their first vacation together. Mussoorie has a very innocent charm running through their streets. This place definitely has a lot to offer in terms of weather and some fun photo shoot locations. You can take pictures while walking through the pathways just like you are about to with each other all your life. You can also pose near the lush greenery and make the promise of making each other’s life as colorful as the backdrop of the shoot. Enjoy some fun candid moments with your partner while your photographer gets a perfect chance to capture all those moments amidst the beautiful town of Mussoorie.

Falaknuma Palace:

As my friend always wanted a royal fairytale wedding I suggested The Falaknuma Palace of Hyderabad as I knew it would interest her. This place is an absolute delight for any photographer and would surely enhance the bridal glow that you already have on your face. The excitement of just being in such a royal setting would be easily reflected in your photos and you would just have no option but to be mesmerized by the high ceilings and the beautiful interiors.

Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal can never go wrong for any couple as it is the symbol of love and also is one of the best places for pre wedding shoot in top cities of India. Because their love is pure according to me Taj Mahal would be the best option and my friend had never been to Taj Mahal so, it would make the perfect location. The shinning white marble in the background would make any color stand out and would give a very enchanting feel to the entire frame. For your pre wedding shoot at the Taj Mahal you can be as mushy you want and express as much love you want and no one will judge you as the place itself would get your romantic side up.

This was some of the places that I always loved travelling to and thought would be perfect for ant couple photo shoot as they all have that perfect romantic vibe that would make any pre wedding shoot more memorable not only the memories that the lens would capture but also the memories that only your heart would remember.

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