The Importance of Marriage – Why Should You Marry?

why do people get married - why is marriage important

While growing up, I’ve always wondered what marriage meant. I would ask every older person around about it and they would come up with the variety of explanations. Some of them would intrigue me, some would bewilder me. After having gathered a lot of theories, what hit upon me was one fact, “the beautiful coming together of two unfamiliar souls”. Really, it was one line of reasoning that was a common factor in all the theories.

Now that I’ve grown up and read a lot, I’ve discovered that marriage is so much broader than this. It is an institution where two people come together, form and extend a family. It may not always be a fairytale, but the couple must make things work with love and effort. The whole thing is about commitment. How the two want to stay with each other, even when things are tough. It’s not easy and takes up all the patience but it’s worth putting all the effort.

Now you might wonder why people want to get married, well, here you’d find your reasons.


One big reason why does people get married is because they seek somebody to spend their life with. When one spends their life with someone, then the relationship may get emotional and a loving one. When life gets tough and things aren’t going well, people generally look for partners who can support them. Marriage offers that kind of facility to stick with one another and share the life

Although it is advised to make a careful decision when choosing a partner as the partners tend to influence each other.

Financial Reason:

With the rising economy and expenditures, couples who stay together, find it relatively easier to carry the finances out. Financial security, helping each other out with medical bills along with other insurance makes marriage a good decision. Also, there are inheritances and retirements benefit that couple may enjoy in the later years.

Legal Reasons:

As we all know, the society sees marriage as something divine and legal, as a result, married couples receive numerous benefits. In our society, it’s a lot easier for couples who are married to get an apartment or get parental rights. So of course, marriage does have benefits for the couples. If you are looking for a partner, Gupta matrimonial sites have the best set of prospects for you.

Better Parenting:

Married couples find it easier to raise a child. When a baby is born, from the first day it becomes a huge responsibility for any couple to pay attention to the baby. Tending the kid does not stop at the infant stage. It goes on at the schooling, college, basically every stage. So, when this massive chore is divided between the couples, kids are systematically raised.

Live With Love:

As the elders say, “love never fails”. When a married couple chooses to live together, they vow to protect, love and stand by each other’s rough moments together. This one big reason tells us why is marriage important for the mankind. Life can be much better enjoyed with love than anything else.

Grow Together:

When a couple spends a long time together, they mature and grow together. Marriage is an institution where people come together and experience a union where they love, laugh, and live together. Somewhere in between this process, individuals mature and explore themselves. Marriage keeps both the parties together.

Stable Homes:

Marriage, as it keeps two people together, it also makes a house a home. The couples not only carry out everyday chores, they also stand by each other at hard times and become each other’s emotional support. That makes a home a happy place and marriage makes that happen.

Learning From Each Other:

Since marriages keep two people together, it facilitates two people to learn from each other. Every individual is different and they all have something to offer. When two people spend time with each other, they are bound to pick something from one another. Marriage brings out the hidden potential in each person.

Taking The Generation Forward:

When a couple gets married, they contemplate bearing children after a while. When they do bring a child into the world, it’s a way of taking the generation forward. As the child grows up and gets married, that’s again how the generation continues. Therefore, marriage makes this possible.

So, you know that marriage is something that may not always be romantic but with the effort, love, and respect for each other, it’s a beautiful thing to experience.

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