Have You Packed These Destination Wedding Essentials?

Have You Packed These Destination Wedding Essentials

Brides are you ready to fly out to the destination for your dream wedding? But being ready for the wedding that is mental preparation is not enough because you might be already going crazy because of all the arrangements that need to be done of the wedding at the location that you have chosen. If it is the iconic Taj Mahal then you must be worked up with all the legalities that go behind booking a place opposite Taj Mahal for a wedding. But if it is some other place like a beach then there so many decoration glitches that the wedding planner might be facing and firing your phone for changes.

Well, amidst all these problems and other arrangements you might have forgotten to pack and now that is another task. Well, remember that if you do the task in hurry you might miss out on stuff and regret later so, I always advise making a checklist of things that you need to take along. Wondering what that checklist must look like? Well, here is a list of wedding essentials that your checklist must include as you cannot miss these things at all.

Passport And Credit Cards:

A couple who are getting married at different destinations usually are at rush while packing but in that hurry do not forget check if you have taken your passport and credit cards as it is a wedding and you would be leaving for your honeymoon soon after so the passport is a must. And credit cards well again weddings are not cheap and there might be some last moment payments that you need to do that is why always check whether your wallet has all your cards so that you do not have to face any embarrassing moment. Also, just a reminder always carry some extra cash in a safe place because you never know where you would need it.

Carry Your Outfit With Yourself:

You might say why to carry that heavy wedding outfit of yours with oneself instead of shipping it out along with the other stuff. Well, there is a lurking possibility that your outfit can get damaged and if that happens then you would regret it the most and you can get a bit cranky as well. I bet you would not want that to happen as no one likes a cranky bride trust me. So, even if you have to pay for extra luggage at the airport take your wedding out with you as regretting later is not an option for weddings.


Being a girl, I know the importance of matching accessories with different outfits. So, before you pack, spread out all the outfits that you will wear for all the wedding functions and then match it with the accessories and start the packing so that you are sure that you have taken all the matching accessories and you do not get all panicky when you do not find any matching set. Let me tell you something funny about this, I being the bridesmaid had forgotten to take a matching set and became the crankiest bridesmaid.


We women are always blamed for carrying too many things along with clothes and shoes (which we cannot travel without). Well, the fact is we carry toiletries that take up most of the space and it is a must because when you are traveling to a destination for your wedding you need them. If the weather is dry your skin would get dry and you would need body lotion and after all, you are the bride, you need to look your best all the time. So, take your toiletries as per the weather of the destination. But one thing that you should not forget is your sunscreen.


I don’t know how many times I traveled without a charger then had to ask for one from others. Well, do not do this mistake. Always pack all the chargers as you cannot travel without them. These days everything is done online be it looking for a groom with the help of matrimonial site or contacting with the groom or his family. But for that, you need your phone to have the charge so forgetting your charge is not an option.

Other Wedding Stuff:

There are a lot of wedding stuff that you would ship out and that would contain decorations and many of your wedding function outfits other than your wedding outfit. But there are other small things that you might forget so add them to your checklist. These other wedding stuff are wedding favors, wedding ritual essentials, all the shogunates that have to be given to the groom’s family. These are some of the things that you should not miss out on as they are important.

These are some of the essentials that should be on your checklist but apart from these make sure that you keep a copy of contact numbers of all the vendors in case of any emergency. At the end just be a tension-free bride as it is your wedding day.

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