Offbeat Bridal Portraits You Just Can’t Miss!

Offbeat Bridal Portraits You Just Can't Miss

“Pictures capture the moments that our hearts want to revisit”

I have been to many weddings and I have not seen a single bride say no to pictures. Well, why should they, after all, they go through all those hours to get that perfect bridal look so that they could show off and get their pictures taken.

But recently something I heard from a bride literally shocked me. It was a day before that wedding and she told me that she does not want her pictures taken the next day. On asking the reason she continued that the photographers take the same pictures that she has seen of other brides. It is all been there done that thing. Well, I could not agree less. There are some photographers who do not experiment with poses and they go for the same poses but in reality, there are many unique poses that they can click for.

When we hire a photographer it is for all the functions of the wedding then why not take pictures of the bride in each of the functions and not wait for the last day to get all the bridal portraits. So, to help you out here are some offbeat poses that you can opt for:

Be The Quirky Bride:

Quirkiness is a trend these days and everyone is following it. Not only while taking pictures with their friend circle but also at their weddings. You have heard a lot about quirky couple shoot but even a bride can get her quirky pictures taken. It can be during any of the functions or on her wedding day before arriving at the venue the choice is yours.

In The Bathtub:

Wait What! Yes, you heard it right! Bride can give some fun poses in the bath tub just before she gets dressed for the wedding. It would be her special fun time before all those tiresome rituals start. She can be as fun filled as she wants. And brides, I bet you would love to see these pictures later in life as it would remind you of that one moment when you were completely yourself in front of the camera.

The Nakhrewali:

There is not a single girl who is not a drama queen. Well, I would say that nakhra is a part of a girl’s beauty and every girl has that drama queen sting in them however hard they try to deny it. Well, why not make that a part of your wedding portrait shoot. It would make into some of the best pictures, pictures that would make you laugh later on.

The Pouting Bride:

Pout pictures have taken over all the social platforms and everyone is posting one. Be it celebrities or just any other girl on social media, they certainly have at least one pout selfie on their account. There is no doubt they look really awesome and stylish and fun. Well, my dad might not agree with me but that does not mean I don’t have a selfie pout on my Instagram profile. Anyways, you can always get pout pictures taken of yours as bridal portrait. These pictures look fun and stylish. Well, you can even show them off after your wedding to your new family or your husband’s cousins.

Swag Bride:

Another thing that is in trend is swag. Everyone is captioning their pictures #swag. But sometimes it might just not be swag but you can be that chilled out bride who can give the perfect swag pose to the photographer during your haldi ritual or mehendi as these are the two rituals where you can dress up in a minimalistic way and sport a sunglass. Won’t that look trendy years down the line when you flip through your wedding album.

Chilled Out Bride:

Now, this might again come as a shocker as how can a bride be chilled out. Well, I think she can be at least for the camera and herself as she cannot stress out and turn out to look weird in all of her wedding pictures. She is the bride and it is obvious that she would be nervous but such photo shoots are supposed to calm her down thus, get into the mood and pose in a chilled out way for the camera. Be the crazy self that you usually are.


Bridemaids, beware as a bridezilla is on loose! This can be reality but right now let’s stick to the pose for the bridal photo shoot. This would really be a fun pose as you would certainly laugh at it whenever you flip through your memory album. This would portray all the nervousness that a bride goes through on the best day of her life.

So, brides, what do you think aren’t these some of the most offbeat poses to opt for?

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