North Indian Wedding Rituals – Traditional & Colorful!

north indian wedding rituals

India is a melting pot of cultures and traditions and if we even go through our scriptures we would realize that weddings in Indian had always been a celebration. It has been a celebration so big that every one of the society has been enveloped by the grandeur of the celebration. But as per me, the North Indian wedding customs are the most joyous one. It is elaborate, intricate and beautiful, well North Indian weddings is basically a celebration of the most wonderful things in life which are family, friends, culture, food, emotions, religion and most importantly joy de verve!

We have all heard the phrase ‘A big fat Indian wedding’ well if you ever attend a North Indian wedding you will realize the true meaning of it as North Indian weddings are elaborate and there are so many rituals that you get excuses to part even more. It is a fact that North Indian marriage rituals have evolved a lot since the mythological times or the time of the rulers and they would evolve even more with the passing time.

I have mentioned quite a few times that North Indian weddings are lavish and colorful but what are those rituals that they follow here are those rituals:

North Indian Wedding Rituals


It is the first ceremony that starts with the celebrations. During this ceremony the bride and the groom exchange rings. And the families exchange gifts as a part of the traditional way of accepting the couple and each other’s family as their own. Merrymaking after all the rituals of the day are done is just a part of the ceremony.


It has been seen that this is one of the most beautiful North Indian wedding rituals. This ritual takes place a day or two prior to the wedding day. During Mehendi ceremony, the bride along with all the other female members of the family apply henna to her hands and feet. Some of the most beautiful designs are drawn of the bride’s palms extending to her elbows. I have often heard the elders saying that the redder the henna is on the bride’s hands and feet, the stronger is her bond with her husband. In fact, there are quite a few such interesting tidbits about the bridal mehndi in North Indian weddings that hold a lot of significance.


It is just not possible that a wedding has no music. After all, music is food for the soul. This is the reason the sangeet ceremony is held where both the families groove together and accept each other open heartedly. It is also a way to show the society that the two families have accepted each other’s culture and society and now they are one. It is also a way to unleash from all the wedding tensions for a night and be in a fun a folly mood. In the olden days the sangeet was usually a ladies’ night but now the custom has evolved, and it has become a celebration with all the family members and close friends. With the changing times, people are preferring a more modern outlook to this traditional ritual.


This ritual takes place on the morning of the wedding and during this ritual, the bride and the groom have applied a mixture of turmeric and sandalwood paste. Haldi ceremony puts everyone in the wedding mood as the wedding is supposed to take place in the evening. This paste is applied for its medicinal significance along with its properties. It is an antiseptic that would help with any cuts or bruises and it also provides a natural sheen and glows to your face which looks perfect with your wedding attire.

The Arrival Of The Dulha:

The dulha arrives along with his Barat and seated on a horse. His face is covered with a sehra as removal of the sehra is a ritual. On reaching the bride’s doorstep he is welcomed by the bride’s mother with all the rituals be it Arti or feeding of the curd and sugar.

Wedding Ceremony:

The wedding ceremony starts with the bride’s arrival on the stage where she comes with her cousins and friends. This is when the Jaimala ceremony takes place where the bride and the groom exchange garlands and accept each other as life partners. Then the wedding proceeds toward one of the most important and heartfelt rituals of Kanyadaan where the bride’s father gives away his beloved daughter to the groom with the blessings of goodwill and happiness. This leads to the saptapadi ritual where the bride and the groom take rounds of the holy fire and give each other 7 promises. After this, the groom applied the sindoor on the bride’s forehead and puts mangalsutra around her neck. This marks the end of the wedding joining the couple in the holy matrimony.

These are that beautiful yet heartfelt ritual that takes place during a North Indian wedding.

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