Best New Year’s Eve Traditions For Romantic Couples

new years eve traditions for romantic couples

“A new year awaits like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written”

These days every couple wants a tradition of their own and New Year traditions are just a part of them. I am an ardent Hollywood fan and have watched many holiday movies but something that I find very common in all of them are Christmas and new year traditions. Many of you may say that it is a waste thing but why cannot we make it our own. I mean we Indians love traditions then what’s the harm in adding one more to the long list that already exist. New year traditions vary from couple to couple. Some of the couples I know prefer going out on the New Year’s Eve to the discs to party or they throw a party for their friends and family at their own resident. But there are also few couples who want to stay in and enjoy each other’s company. So, what ever be the reason you can always have a tradition that you follow every year. I had a colleague who used to give gifts to the differently abled children for the new year. This was their tradition and they called this tradition as a ‘gift of hope’. I admired this tradition of theirs always as I felt that they are doing something not for themselves but for the people who are overlooked in the society. So, if you are looking for new year traditions that you can call your own then here are some ideas for you:

Kiss At Midnight

This is definitely one of the oldest tradition that is followed in the west. But what if you followed as a tradition every new year. There are many couples who do not kiss regularly and trust me a kiss on your beloved’s forehead is the best gift you can give her, and it doesn’t cost a dime. So, this new year why not you make it a tradition to share a kiss with your better half at the stroke of midnight. There is also an old belief that if you start the new year with a kiss you will share a lot of love with your partner all year long.

Try A New Cuisine

Weird right? Well, you can always have weird traditions so that you have something to laugh at on the 1st day of the new year. There are many types of cuisines in India and I can vouch that most of you have not tried even have of them. Globalization has not only influenced our dressing and traditions but also our taste buds. Whenever I ask someone of their favorite cuisine, bam comes the name of some dish that is not Indian. So, why not you make it a tradition to try various Indian cuisines. One new cuisine every year. So, that you can taste all those spices that India has to offer.

Make A Time Capsule

I bet you all have heard of time capsules. But the ones who have no clue what it is for them, it is the collection of all the special and meaningful things of the year stuffed in a box and buried underground. It is sometimes done for each year and sometimes for longer time. So, why not you start making such time capsule every year so that you can relive all those special moments of the past year when you burry your new memories. In this way the couple can rejoice once more and feel lucky to be together.

Lunch At Your Favorite Restaurant

For all those couples who have party plans in the evening with their friends but still want a tradition to call their own each year. They can always plan a lunch date at their favorite restaurant. This can be a very sweet way to spend time with each other when they are going to spend their evening with friends. They can reserve beforehand and order all their favorite dishes. If you do the same thing each year even the restaurant is bound to make it a bit more special for you.

Getaway With Your Beloved, Even If It Is For A Night

Life get hectic all year long and the only thing that you want sometimes is to spend quality time with your partner. So, planning a getaway, even if it’s just for a night, is one of the New Years Eve traditions that you would look forward to every year. It doesn’t need to be elaborate – it can be something as simple as renting a place in the nearby town for a night stay or it can be something as elaborate as taking off to Havana for a week. But the point still remains is that you spend some quality time with your partner away from the city life or your schedule. It is also a perfect way to close out the year and welcome the new one! Well, now you have few romantic ideas for your new year tradition. But just remember that these are some of the traditions that I love you can always have something other than these which would be closer to your heart. So, what are you waiting for get started with the tradition already, 2018 is knocking at the door. You may also like: Romantic Winter Honeymoon Destinations in India

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