Sacred Rituals Of Indian Muslim Wedding

Islam is one of oldest religions in the world with over 1.6 billion zealous followers of the religion. Weddings are considered to be most sacred act by the Muslims. Even the Holy Quran, reads the beautiful description of how wedding and marriage should be and how the Muslim culture can multiply and expand. Well, as you all are aware of the Muslim wedding is called “Nikah”.  The rituals and process might vary from country to country. In India, although, the preparation and functions are massive. There are gigantic preparations that take place before the main function. For e.g., there are pre and post Muslim wedding rituals.

Lets Begin And Look At The Muslim Wedding Rituals

Pre Muslim Wedding Rituals

Salatul Ishtikara

Muslims are generally believers of arranged marriage and look for grooms or the brides within the members of the same religious sect. Online matrimonial sites help the families and the prospective bride or the groom to find suitable matches these days. This is when parents and relatives find the suitable prospect for their kids. When they deem the match right, the family heads to the mosque to ask for blessings. This very step is when the families make an official announcement of the wedding.

Imam Zamin

Following the Ishtikara, the groom’s mother, on an auspicious day, visits the bride’s home carrying sweets and gifts from the family. At her home, she would tie a scarf around her arm that might have gold and silver coin. The message behind this act is that the bride is accepted as the future member of the groom’s family.


Mangini is the event that celebrates the engagement between bride and groom, along with their families. Close friends, relatives, and neighbours come together to celebrate the beautiful event. Every member comes with gifts, sweets, dry fruit and sometimes cash. This ceremony is a message to the society that the two families would be one soon.


This ritual normally takes place a day or two before the actual wedding. The bride is seen dressed up in yellow finery. A paste is made from the combination of turmeric, rosewater, and sandalwood. Every lady in the family comes forward to have fun and spend time together. The paste is applied on the bride. The similar function takes place at the groom’s place as well.


It is a women-centric event, where the women of the family come together. The lady with the most beautiful henna applying skill is entrusted to apply henna on the arms and feet of the bride. It is customary to include the groom’s initials or some letter related to his name. Other female members may also have their arms designed by henna.


It’s a pre-wedding ritual where the groom’s family visits the brides’ with gifts and presents. The main item along with the gifts is the wedding dress. Accompanying the bridal dress, the bride is presented with matching jewellery and other accessories. It’s one of the most beautiful Muslim wedding rituals.

Post Muslim Wedding Rituals


As soon as the wedding ceremony is over, the bride bids a tearful goodbye to her family and leaves with the groom and his family, marking the beginning of her new journey. The mother-in-law of the bride gives her a warm welcome as she enters the house. The Holy Quran is placed on her head as a warm gesture and as an act to seek blessings from Allah.


The ceremony of Walimah marks the public declaration of the marriage. It is done by throwing a grand reception party. The bride and groom are seen seated on a throne kind of seat where they and their families greet the guests. Delicacies like korma, biriyani etc are served.


The bride visits her family with her husband on the fourth day of the wedding in this ceremony. Her parents serve a grand meal to the couple as a warm gesture. This marks the end of the wedding ceremony.

With the end of the last ceremony, the rituals come to an end. Weddings are one of the most beautiful events that trigger the emotional side of every individual. The amalgamation of two souls, families coming together is an out of the world experience. The whole process is just something that’s very difficult to put into words.

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